Friday, April 1, 2011





Words/Tradeshow Images Judith Ecochard
Other images courtesy of Cordura®

Durability with style is the operative expression defining two new additions from Cordura® brand fabrics---that we learned about at the recent OR tradeshow:

Cordura® Duck-deliverable waxed or unwaxed as a tough alternative to the equal weight traditional 100% cotton version….

And Cordura® Denim…that feels, looks and ‘behaves’ like the authentic 100 % cotton denim…as in “a soft hand that softens up” like traditional cotton--- except, of course…also boasting the acclaimed extra durability and toughness-characteristics of all Cordura® brand NYCO Fabric Technology derived products. 

Launched at the OR show, the Cordura® Duck is more than four times more abrasion resistant than the total cotton duck fabric (*Martindale testing using woolen abradent and
12KPa weight, 410 g/m2)  

 ---Made from a special blend of cotton and Invista’s T420 fiber- itself specially engineered to be blended with cotton and cellulose fibers that ---we were told, “even after 100 washes, it doesn’t lose its durability.”

With tear strength like that---no wonder the possibilities for Cordura® Duck are immensely versatile----including gear---like those vintage flavored, highly water resistant backpacks that are all the rage now---selling out everywhere, workwear, footwear---both casual and high-end kickers, leisure wear- requiring soft next to skin feel--- trousers, shirts, and jackets---

... and we think-practically every premium (maybe, over) priced waxed cotton tote bag, trimmed in leather, and emblazoned with someone else’s initials plus bling bits.

No doubt, we are sure to see many samples of outdoor companies using this breakout fabric at the next OR in August.

Slightly older in life span, “Hardworking Comfort” Cordura® Denim, made with cotton and Invista’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber- was introduced in 2010-to great success---first in European workwear…and now in demand by RTW brands.

Apparently, “there’s no limitation at all”---as to how innovative Cordura® Denim fabric can be used, according to Cindy McNaull, Global Brand and Marketing Director for Invista’s Cordura® brand.

For next to skin apparel ---this textile--- that is also four times more abrasion resistant than the 100% cotton traditional--- can be blended with different types of stretch fibers (including Lycra®, of course)…making it a worthy alternative to regular, mostly cotton, lightweight, stretchy/ comfy denim jeans---especially the pricey ones with the never in style, unintentional rips.

The Cordura® Denim strength to weight ratio is so exceptional and on trend, that the hip, San Fran born Timbuk2® bag/apparel maker---with its claim to fame messenger bags----offers Cordura® Denim as a textile option on its “Customize A Bag”  program.

How cool is this?

Well we have one, that came in the same dark rinse as ‘our wear all the time Levis®---and nicely trimmed in orange---it's a color pop that matches our knit hat.

The roomy laptop messenger is really a looker----we recently got the “nice bag” from two nodding teens, part of mass gaggle of humans, just out from nearby LaGuardia and MLK, high schools---as they slammed piled into the 66th street #1 uptown…

And, we got obviously jealous approvals from fellow photographers at February's New York Fashion Week---as this is a group of mobile types who rely on city tough and easily identifiable haulers for all their pricey cameras…

For us though, the ultimate durability---and water resistant reality test of our Timbuk2® bag with Cordura® Denim--- lined with a waterproof TPU lining---was this week when we went to review a hip salon in Manhattan’s Flatiron district…in a downpour.

In pranced the latest Victoria’s Secret model---who we saw walk in sans umbrella--- and then twenty minutes or so later-- her hair coiffed just so--- she leaves---- actually swiping our umbrella from the front communal bin. We were kinda amused in a our umbrella, when opened, looked like a half-chewed, morsel reject from Godzilla vs. the island of Manhattan.

AND so much for knowing the fine art of hailing a NYC cab in the rain, we thought, she’s young, she’ll learn how to protect those precious locks.

We only worried about our pricey camera equipment…yet even in a steady rain, the Cordura® Denim@ Timbuk2® bag---handsomely defied the elements.



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