Monday, April 18, 2011


Chelsea, NYC

Samples from these establishments---yup, they got print too.

We guess a good choice for all-nighters

Nothing brings out the snotty native New Yorker in us more than being in an urban environment that claims it's just as fabulous in every way as our hometown...

Party Platters-or order for one

BUT ONE PLUS: Our nation's capitol did have one advantage going for it... the ease of ordering take-out food from dozens of establishments), delivered
from one destination--- served as a clearing house, in a way...networking all those individual restaurants we never heard of---being new to the area...and making it easy to get the kind of food we wanted at the click of a keypad.

WELL---since then, has blown-up we learned at a Big Apple event in the parent company-Dotmenu® headquarters.

Under real time screens highlighting who was logged one NOW...CEO Sloan Gaon (pictured above)---enthusiastically reeled off statistics as well as any Baseball Fantasy League fanatic that we know...on the high percentages of food delivered that originates from and its predecessor, the extremely popular serves it up for those scholars (and area residents)- at 390 campuses.

In our undergrad days, we actually don't have any memory of eating food back then-it was all coffee all the time ha ha...but if we had that...we probably would---better wished we could have ordered from during the cold winter months.

No wonder colleges/universities like Syracuse and Cornell (and Ithaca College)---have ginormous numbers of students with an account with this url.

We actually went on the website---for is set-up in an idiot proof way. With  700 restaurants to choose from---one can search by zip code, type of food, etc...quickly. And any minimums are right up front too...

ADDED plus: an iPhone app, over 250,00 menus online...