Sunday, April 24, 2011



Subway riders by and large are reading or watching something---on smartphones, Kindles...

very few iPads (fyi),  those free Metro newspapers in the AM...movies and games in the evening rush...
Great color waves and color pops---in the neutrals too

Not us...we are always people watching...more specifically looking at the details of others' wardrobes...

the cut of a seam and how its held together...

AND mostly people's footwear.

This winter was a slushy mess...but as soon as the snow vanished...the kickers of choice--- are various forms of far!

AND not just Nikes!

Recently we previewed New Balance---a huge sneaker/apparel/footwear brand with a lot of technical sneakers...

and a whole bunch of lifestyle sneakers---added to the mix.

Multi- textures in the uppers---(suede, canvas, leather and synthetics)...

Rubber outsoles---including these very cool kinda wedge styles...with substantial grip-abilities.

Given that the price of everything has gone up---one thing we noticed, at least now---the cost of hip looking sneakers pretty much costs the ames as they did 15 or so years ago---when the the idea of building a sneaker wardrobe---really became mainstream.

PF FLYERS---we thought, hey, why mess with success in this 70 years old classic American brand? For Fall 2011 ---a rainbow's worth of high and low tops in their signature silhouettes---with vertically textured rubber outsoles---sometimes highlighted  with a contrast color strip around it.

In collab with Freeman's Sporting Club-a LES men's boutique---new PF FLYER additions for Fall 2011---
$80 high, $70 Low.. 

We think---a bit chuka/desert boot like---in suede Around $80.

At another showroom...we took in the latest of the enormously popular Bensimon tennis/ifestyle sneakers.
Chambray and denim very popular---in tennies and ballet flat styles

And yes, practically all the French on the subways wear these...and for those dwelling stateside...they are very affordable for a piece of Gallic chic...around $57-$74!
Cute flowery Libery print, tartans,


Warm faux shearling lined-love the rubber upper striations