Friday, April 22, 2011


Columbia University, NYC


Words, images Judith Ecochard

Plus: 3 Minute Shower Challenge

The Body Shop has always been ethically and fair trade minded...for decades. How fitting, we thought...reaching out to another generation with the the beautiful actresses AMY SMART (Varsity Blues, Shameless, Road Trip) and Gossip Girl's latest star...TIKA SUMPTER as hostesses for a media crowd...

Tika Sumpter and friend

Amy Smart

---Introducing the completely biodegradable shower gels, packaged in post consumer recycled plastic bottles (also recycle-able!). And all contain Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from  from Guatemala

Available now- in six yummy flavors (seriously, we were served drinks based on the ingredients like lemon and thyme...)

---the gels completely break down harmlessly, sparing our fresh and salt water's eco-systems of any leftover harsh chemicals or residues...that usually result from humans just getting clean...AND without parabens, sulfates or any colorants, either.

And you don't have to be a scuba diver or swimmer to see how potentially destructive that can be on water quality, aquatic dwellers, plant life and the fragile coral system too!

Along with the Shower Gels---the message to sign-up for Body Shop's three minute shower pledge--- saving gallons of fresh water...was cleverly brought home by a DJ spinning the latest tunes---all clocking in under three minutes. Timing is everything.

FUNNY: When we were growing up, there was a really bad drought and the eco message was to save water by taking a shower with your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other...

Now---as one robe clad PR gal informed us, it's to "take a quickie."

A different mindset for this speeded up world.

FYI: we tried the Mint & Cucumber Shower Gel yesterday...refreshing-with an authentic crisp scent, nice feel...cleans without stripping, rinses off easy---something that took a while for The Body Shop to get just right, we were told. Worth it.

Amy Smart with Shelley Simmons Director, Brand Communications & Values for The Body Shop and Tika Sumpter 

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