Monday, April 25, 2011




Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Well yesiree…Canadians can do more than play terrific hockey-all kinds... and avoid the world wide sub prime mortgage mess…

Baffin was a new footwear/outerwear brand for us…but as we learned…they’re the largest Canadian boot manufacturer.

As for the unbelievable “revolutionary” eight (!!!!!!) layer insulating, Thermaplush layer inner boot liner system---in the POLAR SERIES---that creates an unbelievably warm boot with body moisture whisked away via a Hydromx II layer, combined with a B-Tek four channel hollow fiber layer that keep the foam cushioning/insulation dry by funneling the water vapor out of the boot (Thermatuf)…plus other layers topped off by a premium waterproof COLDFLEX shell…

Appropriate footwear construction since we were told that the CEO is “a North Pole junkie …and tests it out,” Hence “Polar Proven”
inside lining

Other details, anatomical footbed, buckles that are lightweight and easy to use with gloves, and a premium polar compound rubber that won’t crack under extreme cold conditions…rated to -148•F. WOW.

Side pocket in the bold yellow or black Endurance boot has a side pocket for flares to scare the polar bears away.

WOMEN’s boots got “spruced up” this year with two boot series-the durable Bella collection---that fuses Baffin’s expertise at warding off the cold and wet of winter via a thermaplush multi-layer inner system for warmth--- …featuring proprietary outsoles-“Icepaw Technology” that is particularly grippy/anti-slip… with some nice fashion-y touches
MANA: rated for -4•F in black and chocolate brown too

MADISON rated for -4•F

And the cozy suede/shearling luxury line: the Miku Series…that’s seam sealed 100% waterproof…and the Drift series featuring a shell made from lightweight, recyclable rubber and with a super supportive internal arch support system...BOTH collections= warmth without the bulk.
JUDY rated for -40•F

Both are lined with Baffin’s B-Tek 4 channel hollow fiber insulation.

We know plenty of people who suffered with freezing cold snowshoes or deftly climbing snow piles who could have used Baffin's winter offerings that protect well below freezing temps. 
KAMALA rated for -4• F

WHAT ELSE: An apparel collection that’s unisex---

These so warm POLAR PARKA and POLAR PANT…in GL2 Expedition Gold…head to toe protection with an inner and outer wind block zipper, adjustable hood, tabbed cuffs, vapor barrier inner layer that breathes…

Also soft shells that are breathable, stretchy, water resistant, with high visibility zippers, and mid and base layers that are breathable with special flex zones that are supportive to fatigued area.

CDN$39.99 apiece

two way zips, multiple interior/exterior pockets, CDN $139.99-$149.99