Sunday, October 16, 2011

VIVOBAREFOOT™ Barefoot Running "Natural" Footwear Spring 2012

Lee Saxby-World Renown Running Coach....with foot/stride/gait analysis like we've never had before
Outdoor Retailer/SLC

Wall of winners
words/images Judith Ecochard

The whole 'barefoot' thing -I don't think it's's the whole point of mechanical rules you have to apply," biomechanics expert/running coach Lee Saxby remarked to we got out stance analyzed and stride projected on an oversized the Vivobarefoot™ exhibit.

For walking-it's a heel to toe motion, for running -midfoot---and for sprinting, it's toe first for proper biomechanicals...that's for some reason, controversial in the heel first joggers' circles. For runners though---something we think most 'joggers' would morph into if they changed their stride...the midfoot first strike controls pronation and prevents knee injuries-from bad technique.

For the Spring/Summer 2012 Vivobarefoot "the original barefoot shoe company" offers a logical brand extension of their footwear based on one's "proprioceptive sense"---feedback from the feet that "informs the brain of the ground reaction forces encountered which triggers change to the most appropriate form of locomotion."

Meaning running right, injury free. Naturally.


--- Kickers for urban and multi-terrain.

Legacy-stylish leather upper, high performance EVO outsole...urban friendly looks yet with a wide toe box for natural spread, moisture wicking lining


Neo Trail -off road traction in an ultra-thin sole, zig-zag webbing eyelet system and external bridge loop secures fastening over hydrophobic upper, removable EVA insole, abrasion resistant toe guard

Breatho Trail=Trail and off road running with innovative sock-like construction/external lacing zig zags- secures foot, rubber outsole with directional luggs maximize surface  contact, TPU toe guard, breathable mesh upper

OFF ROAD Mid and High-Waterproof barefoot hiking shoes...puncture resistant sole has added "teeth" for superior traction, speed hook laces are secure and fast, removable ultra-thin EVA insole provides adjustable fit and insulation.

Ultra-the lightest running shoe on the market-an amphibious 3 in 1 chameleon shoe for beach, traiil and travel...barely there cage-elastic laces and moulded eyelets-easy to pull on/off, plug in anti-bacterial mesh sock for thermal and puncture resistance -that can be worn independently

Achilles-world's first fully molded barefoot performance sandal...with an ultra-thin puncture resistant sole and a split toe guard design for downhill running comfort and control---Neoprene soft-touch heel support and removable nylon strap offer extra comfort

Other Spring styles include those for indoor workouts....

Studio performance shoes for women-and casual wear


Cute-Kid's Casual-start-'em off right

HYBRID is the neatest looking Golf Shoe we've ever seen---High Performance Barefoot too!

What we loved the most----these beyond cool-Patented ultra-thin puncture resistant sole, bellowed tongue for seamless cmfort and 360 degree water resistant breathability, removable ultra-thin EVA insole...and a VIVOBAREFOOT zero-pitch performance last aligned to the axis of the foot for a perfect fit. Eco friendly vegetable tanned abrasion resistant upper and rip-stop nylon trimmings=durable.

Red, white and blue-Amphibious Ultra Pure-gals