Saturday, October 8, 2011

SANUK SPRING 2012 "Stairway To Comfort"/Walking Naturally


Outdoor Retailer/SLC

SANUK the FUNK-FUNCTION brand of footwear that's a sandal/shoe hybrid- outfits wearers with all the comforts of barefoot walking and flip-flop flexibility ---PLUS bumped up with snazzy vamps and decorative details...that make this So Cal based company-a worldwide phenomenon.

Ibiza Luau

SANUK puts out a fun, wit equipped catalogue every season---including the latest for Spring 2012. We actually read it from cover to cover because ---there was actually stuff to read---including Sanuk Glossary terms like "Crashpad"---the " super squish EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate-expanded/foam rubber) footbed that has been performance rated for style, comfort, and breathability."
Ibiza Stitch

Ibiza Sunburst-chic enough for evening wear

Why Sanuk's gets it rep for ultimate comfort and flexibility---is often courtesy of a patented sandal construction found in their acclaimed Sidewalk Surfer styles, for example ---that gets rid of the rigid shanks and stitch boards...and takes the design part to another level.
Always happy-Ibiza Tiki


The popular Ibiza collection for gals gets new trim/insole details for the lightweight, cushy flexible sandals. There is so much to like-we are wowed they come up with all these great decorative stones/beads/grommet items to pair with textured/imprinted footbeds that function as fashion too.
Ibiza Nile

Ibiza Runaway-metal / sparkly stubs

Ibiza Kina

Basic EVA sandals are not basic basic-with the new Sanuk Bubbler footbed that's a tiny massage with every step/
The Yoga Mats are the ultimate in comfort.

  Yoga Mat Wedge

New thong materials-solids and tropical prints-notice how the inner lining adds comfort and eye-appeal -with a new wedge height we think makes this a great urban sandal.

Yoga Serenity& Paradise

A new sporty water friendly version-with Cubby footbeds-inspired by the modern chaise lounge chairs we hope to buy for our and airflow to dry feet, guaranteed.

FYI: "Made outta real yoga mats."

Yoga Sport

Braided-two tones- and contrast stitch details on this oversized strap/ toe strap- are meant to be worn after class, all the time-like at tradeshows! Nice.
Yoga Goddess

Edgy-Yoga XYZ -zipper metal -contrast stitching 

Yoga EYZ 

The Girlie Collection-flip-flop like- takes feet from the beach to the party...with footbeds ranging in materials-thong details as detailed as fashion shoes. 


Turned On

Vixen-woven leather braid

Weekends-we are always in a pair of slip-ons like the Standard some point-easy wear-  cool  Spring options---new upper materials, ventilating side port heels.
Dress up cut-offs with Standard Poncho (l)-Standard Shine It (r)
Standard Streakers

Ballet flats---Trippy Toes---Sanuk style...


Lace-up Anthems-still have the Sanuk sandal construction= are amazingly lightweight---AND FLEXIBLE.

And fittingly enough-the collab with Sunrella™ fabrics-that make all the house awnings/slip covers for outdoor furniture---how smart---the Castaway slip-ons that -like the song--"...Not Fade Away..."

flexible fit

Limelight II

Sequins are mainstream daywear now-Shorty Series add a flirty touch to a casual kicker.

The sculpted insole of  the Rasta Brisbane-hidden comfort -but exterior is all laid back style- the hand wrought contrast stitching adds an island element.

Everyone shows animal prints-here' s Sanuk's take-the Vagabond- I'm Game. LOL

Vagabond-Day Trippers

Our fav new look belongs to the Cadet-that takes the Vagabond slip-on silhouette-and adds a double strap,  mary-jane construction (with hidden elastic for grip/.easy on/off)---cute buttons---

Chevron pattern on heels---

Earthy Tie One On---laid back-but still with the fit of Sanuk's Vagabonds-(side stretch elastic for easy on, stay on)
hand knotted!


MEN's -we had a few moments for the guys----

Maybe the most popular style....

The retro sneaker style of the Sidewalk Streaker slip-on

Love the cartoon insole

Hawaiian Inspired-Standard Get Lei'd HA HA-even if just for a "Bromantic Getaway"  Cool mixed textures

There might be more Sanuk options for guys-and that's okay---it's good to have different ways to express individuality-especially for the fashion challenged! We didn't have much time...but there's plenty more styles---and mini-me versions too-for kids.

crush -able heel

The Sunbrella™ collab has handsome pinstripes for guys-in Pick Pocket series of slip-ons.

Another fun meeting of like minds-a cool collab with the "Masters of Meat"= SPAM™ (Spamdals)

With Sanuk's lightweight canvas upper/classic footbed-Vagabond

Root Series-Mossy Oak, Spam™, Irie, Real II

Vagabond-men's Tie One On...

One of a kind-hand knotted

The leather SUMO----with the new Bubbler EVA footbed

Red stitches-geisha lining-swaggerishly handsome

Workingman's Tread--- an "every man" Sanuk in the new Mason style...a sandal footbed and a grippy outsole that's flexible-and simply colored too...but made not so simply.