Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NEW SKIN/HAIR/MAKE-UP/BEAUTY@ New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

Round-up of Spa Events/Guest Suites

Fashion Night Out, GBK Spa Suites+ Allure Mag. @ Empire Hotel

words/images Judith Ecochard

Arguably, the NEW (and the coveted) SKIN/HAIR/MAKE-UP/BEAUTY products that are up front and center during NY Fashion Week---get as much coverage as the apparel that walks the runways---and certainly hold more interest for a lot of the media types we know who skip the shows for the suites.

There was a lot of quality items we cherry-picked through...some highlights:

We know the mindset to avoid sulfates and parabens- chemical preservatives that have been linked to cancer and as hormone disrupters- is completely mainstream knowledge-when our doorman starts going on about possible causes for his recent hernia- at such a young age. Boy oh boy.

Relevant as...

At a Fashion Night Out event we practically had a flashback when taking in the Vitabath bath gels...except now with very nice new packaging-the formula is sulfate AND paraben free. A big plus.

 The revitalized brand of body washes---leaves skin feeling very clean not scoured, also a big plus.

We have been using the Lavendar Chamomille with Lavender Extract---a staple in our swim bag. The wash has a fresh aroma that doesn't linger- a plus, btw...yet it manages to get out that yech chlorine scent.

There's a whole bunch of Vitabath body care collections available now---from different scents in the Cupcake Couture, In The Bloom, Spa Day and Fruit Fanatic groups.

Our preference-the less the better---but the wide variety will appeal to all ages.

And at $9.99-widely available ---we thought a really good deal. 

Allure Magazine sponsored a very convenient storefront right across the street from Lincoln Center at the Empire Hotel---that became a daily destination the days it was open for the very important reason that they generously served FIKA coffee---a brand that is tough to find in NYC and one of our favorite brews.

Beautiful-different tango poses - so important the Argentine culture

 Of course, there was a lot else going on there that beckoned---a highlight being a meet/greet with hair stylist/NYC salon owner Ricardo Rojas---(30 East 67th ST.)---and the hair guru for the Walter Spring 2012 show (to be reviewed later)...
Yes, the tango---street and formal pictured

AND entrepreneur-as he was on hand to launch his own elegant set of brushes and mirrors-- that had that old fashioned feel/heft to each colorful set...and reminded us of the time when ladies had proper dressing tables, appropriately accessorized with silver handled hair brushes, treasured for a lifetime. 
"The houses are painted these colors,"  Rojas informed us about the Tucumán area of northwest Argentina where he's from...though the whole idea for these natural boar bristles brushes and mirrors (note one side is completely mirrored including the handle)...that retail for $125 ---was the colorful Donatella Versace and her fabulous handbag collection that's as fun, feminine and timeless. 

Haircare: brushing one's hair carries the natural oils form roots to ends-a good thing---and Rojas agrees..Lenore Greyl's Masque Fleurs de Jasmin is the best moisturizing treatment...for dry locks...and Barçca's football (soccer) player/Argentina native Messi- is a ROCKSTAR.

Downstairs Allure had Maybelline New York makeover artists at the ready- where we really got to experience the new Fit Me™ foundations...and yes---were all impressed with the coverage and skin tone match.

Make-up artist supreme---worked non-stop!

Later on that week---the same locale hosted the GBK Spa event---there were a number of consumer skincare products that are already popular with consumers...

Strivectin-new Tightening Face Serum  

Strivectin showed a host of anti-aging/skin repairing skin products based on key ingredients patented:  NIA-114™ (skin nutrient niacin) and Peptides-protein molecules that stimulate collagen growth...plus anti oxidants.

HARD CANDY has morphed into very fun and very affordable, cutely packaged make-up collection of foundations, bronzers, blushes, mascaras etc. Just in time for Halloween too---Lash Tinsel-glitter mascara.

Glow All The Way Instant Bronzer/Gradual Self-Tanner

Blush Crush  Baked Blush

Sheer Envy Primer

Kimberly Root---was a make-up artist on hand for the day ---and noted that Hard Candy goodies are so cheap-that even if you buy a shadow that eventually is less than thrilling---no big deal, it's not a major investment. Good point.

two year shelf life-good to know
Personally, we eye-balled the SKINMEDICA® table as soon as we walked in---and waited till their space was vacated to basically chat away for half hour---on the products including the highly touted by plastic surgeons we've interviewed= Tissue Nutrient Solution aka the gel TNS Recovery Complex® and the first product out-TNS Essential Serum®-chock full of clinically proven growth factors (proteins) that improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles...and anti-oxidants.

We chatted at length with Lora Levin (who later gave us a fab mini-facial-a preview of he professional peels available )---

AND learned that the company has "learned that a combination of anti-oxidants and growth factors work much better than anti-oxidants alone." We had heard this ourselves---particularly with green tea/caffeine enriched sunscreens like the Environmental Defense Sunscreen™SPF 50+ with UV Pro-Plex™ that's oil, paba and fragrance FREE...and repairs while protecting via the patented UV ProPlex™that ensures more uniform distribution of sun filters on the skin-with less chemicals. Bravo to that.

Besides new aesthetically pleasing and functioning packaging- there's a lot of SKINMEDICA® products available-grouped by activity-Cleanse, Tone, Skin Rejuvenation, Age Defense, Moisturize, Sun Protection- and special conditions-like acne.

Some products we marveled at ---the ultra-rich Dermal Repair Cream that replenishes with actionable lipid soluable antioxidant vitamins C (10%!!!)/E, the TNS Lip Plump System™ -a proven two step treatment that decreases the appearance of those dreaded fine lines, and the Redness Relief Calmplex™ that reduces visible redness in the skin-the kind that's associated with rosacea and sunburn. We actually tried this one-right away- and did see a slight reduction in redness on our face immediately---we used after we completed a triathlon on a sunny day...when our sunscreen must have sweated off during the run part.

Two weeks though are the recommended minimum time to see initial results-assuming sunscreen is a regular part of the regimen.

Note---this cream is non-comedogenic but its best suited for normal-dry skin IMHO.

INFO including before/after pics and clinical studies: www.skinmedica.com


Making it's NY debut O&M (Original Mineral) haircare from Australia with its "revolutionary CCT-clear color technology"---that's truly ammonia free hair color.

Also of note- It's the year of the fluttery eyelashes-and RevitaLash® launched its enhanced Advanced formula lash lengthener/conditioner that claims that faithful users will see results in a month---with daily application.