Sunday, May 8, 2011



Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

A preview of the new and refreshed rides for Schwinn and Cannondale featured a lot of good looking and techy details for bicyclists of all ilks---urban commuters, mountain bike bombers, road racing enthusiasts...etc.

Set to launch tis June 2011---the SCHWINN VESTIGE rides right into go green cradle to cradle ethos that we've been seeing a lot out of the performance gear biz...using recycled, recyclable and earth friendlier materials in the manufacturing processes---that themselves are becoming more energy efficient.

These fab looking city/mountain town friendly bikes that we were told "ride like carbon fiber" frames---- will turn heads for the vintage trims that remind us of those classic wood trimmed panel cars of yesteryear...

...but the fact that the bikes are partially made from biodegradable flax fibers - naturally grown, is amazing.

PLUS: Bamboo grips,and fenders = handome.

AND very cool LED wheels that light up-for "ultra visibility" with no batteries needed---the dynamo front hub is internally wired into the frame (that itself reflects in the dark)---- and provides all the juice needed.

AND water soluble paint used---with a clear coat for durability.

AND 9 speed Shimano drive train, Schwalbe tires with unique recyclable rubber insert


Other urban cruisers and mountain bike Schwinn offerings ---we felt--- took a page from fashion with all the bright frame colors available.

At accessible price points and exclusive models to assorted mass merchandisers like JC Penney, Target etc...

---we could see how certain matchy matchy types would want to collect them...while the kids that like to bomb/bonk the surfaces will think the color trims and decals-very cool.

Accoutrements like rear racks for "storage"- cup holders, quality gears,

High Timber mountain bike


...handles, brakes and suspension systems,


---multiple and single speed options, comfy saddles, makes these classic looking rides very 21st century with up to date flair for  the modern life.


DOLLAR DETAILS: The models we saw ranged from  from $120-$400 for the Sport Terra Sport models


Worthy of the road-Prelude 

Cannondale produces a lot of bicycle models---we only saw a selection at this editor's preview---none, we note--- were triath bikes we can't wait to demo.

What we did marvel at was the about $9000 machine used by those competing in the Tour de France-and other primo bike racing events ----

The Super Six full carbon ----with Shimano electronic shifting-though here the wheels were alloy and carbon spokes.

The Jekyll is aptly coined----"...for two attitudes for over the mountain...for the ride up and down."

Smart-two different suspension platforms kick in engaged via a flip of the switch...designed for shocks/  a dampening system for nimble climbing...and then "one for bombing down the mountain."

The Heritage aluminum bikes are considered "wizards" and weigh only $15 lbs....with the feel and durability to rival rides that cost more that this -coming in at around $3200.


Designed for road comfort, the carbon alloy Synapse Carbon absorbs vibrations and flexes a bit...good for "racing on cobblestones."

The gear shifts are built into the break levers,,,and as a 10 speeder...has 30 options for every bit of incline or decent. $1000

The full carbon Quick models with shifters right on the handles...with a 'mountain style set-up" ...are light, fast, cool looking.

Full carbon Quicks are popular sellers $3200

Another rugged take on the Quick...this flashy red with knobby tires, lockout suspension, disc breaks and "good stopping power." $999


Then the Quick "no frills" at $399 is still a lot of bike for the price...and is an excellent  comfy commuter bike...thumb shifters right in the front, alloy frame, carbon fork, smooth tires.

The Bad Boy is the NYC of bicycles. Which we took as a huge compliment.

Thumb shift gears-all weather disc breaks too...

Women specific bicycles by Cannondale include the high end race worthy Super SIx ---no electronic shifting here tho----$4799...with alloy tirs and women specific saddles and bar configuration.

Super Six

The full carbon Synapse that's a dual purpose rde,,,good for commuting and for a two hour jaunt on a country rode. Cool carbon layered over alloy wheels, STI levers built intergrated into the brake levers,,,make this a bit more efficient /stiffer that other cruiser types.

Ladies also have a Quick full carbon option for $2290...that's "long ride friendly>"

Comes in a white alloy frame too.