Sunday, May 29, 2011

OUTDOOR RETAILER FALL 2011 Gear Review Part 2:

Outdoor Retailer, SLC UTAH

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Hydro Flask, Thermo Soles, VestPac, PolarMax, Klymit, Cold Avenger, Chico Bags


Finally able to down piping hot tea at the top of a mountain...on a freezing cold day that made a hike a bit challenging...

And without burning our hands off either---thanks to the vacuum sealed,  Hydro Flask®---a double walled high quality stainless steel bottle, that's totally BPA free/backed by a lifetime warranty/sweatproof (zero condensation), freeze proof and of course, reusable.

FYI: 24 hours -keeps it cold, 12 hours for heated liquids...and 5% purchase price can be earmarked for charities just by logging on and entering the serial number at the bottom of each bottle. AND 100% recyclable.NICE.

Launched in 2010---Hydro Flask® comes in different sizes (including wide mouth)---

 ---and now with a new filtration system that removes the chlorine, odors, etc. $49.95


Four to seven hours of heat, depending, these Lithium Ion Battery, wire free, rechargeable heated gloves and socks  are good for 500 charges. Remote controlled too.

Remote---turn off the heat when you don't need it. Charger in back


SO SMART---this modular pack system debuted in 2010 when founder Scott Shepherd took his days on the ski slopes as an instructor, sportin' a radio chest pack---and as a fly fishing guy----inspired a better mouse trap in a manner of speaking.

Front and back packs sold separate

We like how the straps are not flapping around

We like the easy access of our stuff, right in the front---that one can customize with a hydration reservoir in the back.

The materials used, like the air mesh makes it comfy and low profile  convenient for hot weather pursuits like paddle sports.


All year round gear- wearable basics=AYG 365--- from the best of cotton comfort via its TransDRY™--- infused with techy benefits like quick drying fabrics, moisture wicking breathability and anti-bacterial/anti-odor Acclimate® Fresh.

A new designer is giving the market  style forward silhouettes--- ideal as base garments for athletes and active types...


Argon insulated vests, weather tough hard and stretchy soft shell jackets ($149.95-$224.95), and the cool four season Inertia X-Frame camping pad ($225) weighing in at a light 17oz ---and enhancing sleeping bag insulation with loft pockets...

Nobletek® technology provides the insulation without the bulk. Seriously.
Kinetic Caldera $224 ETA November 2011 offers the warmth of an 800 Fill down vest with the press of a button!!!

Dial on adjuster for the vest!

Klymit is becoming a very popular stop for outdoor retailers since it's debut a few years back. And so we were told, the four Argon canisters can be taken on a commercial airplane-TSA compliant---as Argon is non-toxic and non-flammable.


From Talus Outdoor Technologies LLC in Missoula, Montana,---the Cold Avenger®  medical grade polyurethane balaclava ($79.95) protects ones face and allows one to have free breathing with properly moist/humidity/ heated air---a matter of survival in freezing cold temps---where asthma could be a problem...

Hand washable ventilator/ mask too---the one size fits all Cold Avenger® Expedition Balaclava is comfortable-made with Polartec® Wind Pro® fleece.


From founder Andy Keller's 2004 encounter with a single used bags' filled landfill back in 2004, Chico Bag™s has grown into the leading multi-purpose, recycled, reusable hauler brand out there.

At the latest OR a new line of duffel bags with an inside mesh pocket (86% recycled content-included recycled hardware, and PET from plastic drinking bottles) got a lot of attention at the show.

Tucks away into a handy pouch $39.95

Inside mesh

This handy bag size joins the other smartly designed daypacks, messenger bags, Slings/shoulder strap and two handled tote bags in solids, and pretty prints.

BTW: The 411 is stamped inside or out---breaking down each bag's contents---including the Chico Bag rePETe™ to help customers identify that this collection is made using recycled materials.