Saturday, May 28, 2011


 Outdoor Retailer SLC, UTAH

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

FIVE TEN® ---has the "brash and brave" vertical climbers scaling rocks with some classics and new models for Autumn 2011. (No "Fall" used here).

Acclaimed for the various types of proprietary and durable STEALTH® rubber compounds used on the for specific activities like climbing, mountain/downhill biking, water sports, etc...for many types of surfaces and weather conditions...

FIve Ten's big buzz at OR was the founder's Charles Cole's  Mi:6 Rubber---developed for the filming of Mission Impossible/ Ghost Protocol---ensuring that Tom Cruise really does climb that glass wall skyscraper in Dubai (so we were told)--- with a new kind of stick...(available commercially in the beyond cool looking-Warhawk sneaker, pictured below).

 Other versions that got a lot of interest- the super sticky Stealth Phantom™ ---a non-marking, high friction that "ensures" the "cloak of invisibility for action athletes (and military types)...

And the Stealth Onyxx™---that "has unbeatable hardness for precision edging edging, stickiness for friction, and exceptional durability."


Anasazi Arrowhead-Slightly aggressive turned down toe, narrow heel cupthat "fits like a firm handshake"-with Mystique™ rubber and Onyxx™ outsole

Quantum Lace-Up Version-downturned toe, low volume heel cup, precision fit lace closure

Blackwing-easy on/off with velcro closure, padded tongue with super soft fleecy microfiber lining that is moisture wicky and cushioning (women's and men's versions)

Wrap your feet around in the Hornet

For the best in class bouldering, sport climbing, competition...state of the art low volume heel, asymmetrical lacing system, upper=synthetic Cowdura™ with 3-D Polytechnic™ to >durability + abrasion resistance w/o the weight

Supermocc soft rubber allows toes to stab into the thinnest hairline cracks. Split toe rand.

Warhawk (women's and men's versions) Padded tongue, nubuck leather upper, EVA heel wedge for stability


Five Tennie™-classic styling with low profile toe built for climbing that travels fom road to rock

Guide Tennie-Canvas=all terrain worthy-durable, breathable upper cotton canvas with outsoles of high-friction Stealth® Dotty C4™ tread (excellent edging) AND VEGAN friendly

Guide Tennie


Chase-freerunners fav- classic styling 



 Desert Enforcer  High and Low and Pursuit---kickers for military-high friction, non-marking, silent tread shoe---laces of parachute versions-the Urban Enforcer and Pursuit-good enough for Special Ops---good enough for you.

Yosemite jeans for Women---Yup, def fit!