Friday, May 20, 2011


These ladies were always busy at the show---NO WONDER!

Beauty Tradeshow Highlights Part 1

Images/Words Judith Ecochard

Well it must have been in the cards...we had all of 2 hours for the IBS Beauty Tradeshow and the first exhibit that captures our interest is the breakthrough nail care/soak off gel/gel nail sculptures/color gel (150!!!!!) offered up by the Cape Town, South African based Bio Sculpture® Gel.

In truth we rarely get our nails done---because we don't really have any-we keep them super short cause between triathlons, hours in a chlorine pool, rock climbing, etc---our digits take a beating.

How Bio Sculpture® Gel differs from other gel nail treatments, so we were told (never having had one)---is that this "treatment provides strength and durability to weak nails."

Heck--- we were game after we saw attendees show off the adorable nail sculptures that are created from the gels and applied accordingly--- and last! (Bridal party alert-how fun!).
we got a pretty pinky flower ourselves.

The Process:--- our nails were lightly buffed to remove the shine which we felt did not harm our nails at all.

Then our nails were wiped with the Bio Sculpture® Sanitizer, shaped a tad (not much to work with)...and then a first layer of clear gel was applied to all but out middle finger--- a frayed nail that got the sculpture gel because we also got a flexible nail extension that was so realistic, all said and done, it coulda fooled us.


After two minutes to dry, two layers of color gel, a pink and a sheer sparkling glaze got brushed on our nails---with each coat getting a two minutes "cure" time.

Finally, a thin finishing layer of clear gel was applied...then maybe a minute later. DONE.

WOW!!!!! Flawless nails and maybe it took 10-15 minutes with all our chit chatting going on with the talented Left Coast based Terri who treated us to the best looking nails we had all year.

AND unbelievable to us...our nails looked flawless for three weeks...and seriously, we did nothing special to keep the chipless, no wearing away at the free edge--- thing going...i.e like wear gloves when we wash dishes, etc.

Terri's nails look awesome----including fun pinky pattern. Bio Sculpture® Gel of course

We were told the price of this kind of manicure commands about a 20-30% premium, depending of course on where you get it done. IMHO---so worth it. No contest.

ALSO---in theory, the literature claims the Bio Sculpture® Gel on nails can last up to eight weeks.

Our experience was that after three weeks, the entire "natural nail overlays"gel coats just fell off gradually---though we guess most gals at that point will remove them all, according to instructions.


ADDED PLUS: Bio Sculpture Gel can be buffed and then (re)applied in a thin application for a color change/refresher in minutes without removing the original two coats


BTW---its easy to remove with the soak off gel, rub in cuticle cream, etc and a ten minute rest in aluminum foil---something our gal pals were amazed that we were amazed at.