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Plus: Intelligent Nutrients & LA FRESH®

We've done triathlons of Olympic/International and Sprint distances---and seemed just fine with water for hydration needs---with the occasional swig of some of that fruity electrolyte liquid on the run part.

But now that we are embarking on 70.3 Ironmans...that  line of slurping does not work...even for training.

Which had us curious about gels...endurance supplements for on the go motion, easy digestion, sustained energy---not the crash and burn of chocolate bars---that seemed to work when we ran marathons. We had tried gels before---and def. are advocates...but not with the urgency we seemed to need devour them- NOW!!!

Lucky us, we got a box load of GU Energy Gels and Chomps ...

Consider us converted...we tried several flavors of the Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gels (100 calories apiece)--- in assorted flavors---and the long lasting energy surge was so profound, we wonder how we ever did 3+ hour bricks (bike/run) without downing one.…


Outdoor Retailer, SLC Utah

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Twenty-five years of gear-keeps celebrating into Fall 2011 for Granite Gear.

We took in the maker of backpacks/drysacs/dog and canoe gear...and like the Spring 2011 gear---we walked away super impressed.

New for 2011 is the BLAZE A.C. 60 ($199.95)---an ultralight lidless top loader good for long distance hiking---that features G.G's acclaimed engineered Air Current™frame that consists of  molded ABS sheet and molded foam pad...that contours with one's back/engineered to flex when you do---and with integrated air channels---to vent heat and moisture.

PLUS: The arched Line-Loc compression system allows for cinching in all directions---for easy gear attachments to the pack.

AND: Easy torso size adjustable, a swap/switch it hip belt---for a man or woman, a tall spindrift opening--- can cinched down for weather resistance or expanded for more room, stretch side pockets and a tall front center pocket can hold wet tarp/tent..


SHERPA Adventure Gear FALL 2011


Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Sherpa Adventure Gear pays tribute to the Sherpa exployers who enabled the rest of the planet's explorers scale the Himalayans.

Makers of technical gear (tested in Nepal) and lifestyle pieces, Sherpa's Fall 2011 included so nice tops, jackets/coats and colors that we just loved...and the tones we could wear year and year out too.


Accessories, hand knit in Nepal---are indicative of Sherpa Adventure Gear's MO to produce goos in that locale...

From a goat- native to the high altitude Himalayas...Pashmina wool---the softest ever, is wonderfully used in the rainbow color Hima scarf ($110) pictured above...matching hat available too ($45).

Solid tone Pashmina options too.

Hand knit hats....that provide home based work and income for women and their the outlying areas of Kathmandu. Lined with itch-free comfy Polarfleece®

The Paro Long Jacket $169---made from a wind resistant soft nylon shel…