Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Words/show images Judith Ecochard

We started the tradeshow at the Salt Lake Palace with Schoeller Textil AG---a Swiss company that has three main gigs…highly functional fabrics, a licensing biz for cutting edge fabric technologies/treatments…and a division aimed at the special needs of work gear (i.e. police, military).

Our gee whiz moment came when we learned about the breakthrough energear™---a NASA worthy technology----that can be applied to many different fabrics.

What it measurably does is use biomimicry---- harnessing/capturing the infrared rays (FIRs) that we as humans give off---as do crushed up rocks---and reflect it back into the body for positive benefits..

Cool, right?

A therapeutic concept used to aid circulation in East Asia for years inspired Schoeller®’s energear™--- a special energy recovery treatment that could have many uses… particularly we thought, in compression wear and athletic wear. Everyday garments too--- that promote circulation, and can provide pleasant slight warmth---and are highly wearable/washable----would be an attractive feature in travel attire too.


We also got educated on the coldblack™ treatment for textiles that’s added during the dying process---that’s manages to keep dark textiles from heating up---to reflect heat more like light colored fabrics---

 And protects the wearer from UV rays---up to SPF 30.
Clients include all the big name performance wear companies.

c-change™ is another break through textile technology “bionic membrane” that’s lightweight and waterproof---and allows treated fabric cells to open up and release moisture and heat in hot climes…and “close-up” in colder weather to keep the wearer warm.

It works with synthetic and natural fibers ---

And here is a great example---a feminine stylish raincoat--- by Portland based designer Hillary Day made with c-change™. 

ADDED PLUS: SCHOELLER® adheres to manufacturing standards of bluesign®  that “guarantees the highest possible exclusion of substances which are harmful to humans or the environment and promotes the economical use of resources in manufacturing.”