Monday, September 27, 2010



Chelsea, NYC

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

Well we were surprised.

First off--- that the designer Johannes Faktotum is a woman who though from outside Boston, studied menswear in London.


Since we cover plenty of performance and outdoor gear---we marveled that Nike and Teva, a major footwear brand now way beyond the water shoe / sandal--- (plus throws a most go-to party at Outdoor Retailer)…were sponsors.

Cause Faktotum approached them... we actually asked after we congrats her.


We know our way around technically performing fabrics…and saw right away that these garments were more than just stylish.

This sport sailing inspired collection boasts urban fashion silhouettes as in “fashion that performs not the other way around”

--- But nicely made with utilitarian textiles ---in some of the separates---like neoprene and super light nylons that are weather tough,

Cotton and color blocked knitwear are also featured in city slick shades…black, white, grey, royal blue.

OTHER ACCESSORIES---guy friendly G-Shock Performance watches.

As the handout noted---“masculine and athletic creative…”

FYI: AEOLUS was the 'keeper of the winds"----lived on the floating island of Aeolia...where he gave the visiting Odysseus and his Odyssey crew hospitality and a west wind to carry them home...and a gift of a bag containing each of the four winds. A tale def worth reading for how that went...