Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Outdoor Retailer, SLC
Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Earth Creations' comfy, high quality and eye-catching short and long sleeve tees and tanks--- have interested us for awhile---and finally, we previewed the everyday wear for gals this time out.

From the Fall Collection-available now...Twilight Jacket

The first thing we noticed ---a major plus---are the soft, rich colors of the separates and well done graphics …courtesy of environmentally friendly clay dyes that are exclusive. Really beautiful tones…azurite, black, celadon, citrine, moonstone, slate, topaz and white. 

And all inspired by the Alabama red clay dirt's tenacity ---and the state where this family run business is based.

The first thing we felt --- the fabrics themselves…so amazingly soft and lightweight, really exceptional. Given the company’s MO---organic cotton jersey, and sustainable hemp are used throughout the collections…with some pieces bolstered by 10% shape retaining Lycra jersey. Characteristically, these textiles have natural attributes of being highly porous and breathable…and spare the earth of tons of pesticides. Plus these fabrics drape well---and look great on. We can see almost this entire collection as wearable practically everywhere, depending on accessories and footwear.


Versatility is several garments impressed us ---like the Infinity Skirt/Dress that can be tied up as a halter or bandeau style dress, or wrapped around the waist as a feminine skirt.
The ruched Hecate Halter us equally as flattering with many neckline options, depending…
And the Annabelle Skirt/Dress that can be worn as a tube dress…and pulled all the way down as a long fitted to the knee body--- with a flowing lower sections.

Most popular is the Sadie top with gently flared elbow sleeves…

A Creative Crop Pant made of 100% organic cotton jersey ---and the similar but longer length, Fab Fit Pant.

The new sundress the Tallulah Tank Dress with nice feminine details---like a gathered neckline and gently ruffled hem  and the racer back Fressia dress,

Also popular with retailers is the Sabra Skirt…a tiered triple layered “ecolicious” skirt with a faux sash.

PRICES: From $29 for organic cotton tees up to mid $70’s for dresses.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Accessories made with repurposed pieces of fabric, Onesies for babies, men’s and kids.

INFO: Including Store Locator and E-Commerce: www.earthcreations.net