Tuesday, September 21, 2010



Outdoor Retailer, SLC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

A few months back, we reviewed a small Cushe collection…and so gladly took the bait to see the new S/S 2011 footwear form this UK based company.

True to its DNA of fresh, individual designs that are hip, not trendy---this bunch of “Coastal Supremacy” kickers we saw---we think...will have a big impact on retailers here. A good one.

…Think cool outsoles and uppers, neat details with an eye for style from innovative materials that cushion your feet-(Cushy, naturally)



Urban inspired retro sneakers…with green grass outsoles “Spike” (above)

The Chaparral” sandal with a removable insole with compressed molded EVA---an arch support system that’s breathable and anti-microbial.

This "Bamboo" Mary Jane---sun with shorts or dresses.

For lifestyle sneakers---we think this "Boutique Sneak" with a metallic details…very hip.

The "Shasta" and "Sierra" sandals are as intricate on the outsoles as the uppers. Really remarkable “and all in the mold” for this lightweight hot weather shoe.

CLIMATE FRIENDLY---this new design for minimal packaging…reduced eco footprint…in the "Shucoon."

The styling is retro---with organic cotton upper, water based glue, vegan friendly…with around 90% recycled materials. For $80, we agree “a lot of value.”

Neat—the Shucoon Slide that can be folded down---and worn toes out or as a slip-on. Can wear with the heels down too.

The final touch---great tag on the back.

BONUS: The ACME BURGER COMPANY  - CUSHE party---terrific Karaoke guy and yummy food that we are sure would be capable of shutting down every major artery, one by one. But what a way to go….