Monday, September 6, 2010


422 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor, NYC

Last March, St. Patrick’s Day to be exact, we were sitting, mouth agape, having a root canal. So Fun.
While trying to recover from the shock of it all…meaning the cost to have “the root that goes up to your brain” nullified (figuring, somehow we are contributing to this office’s Fifth Avenue view of the parade route…)

We also got an earful on the hardcore bike races of said Dentist/Specialist. And how painful it was to get his legs waxed.

Yes, we thought, TMI for sure. But we did suggest ---when a two-way conversation was possible…laser.

That scenario came back to us--- when we met the wonderfully engaging, calming and professional Jennifer Kandemir in her spotless suite of treatment rooms, dedicated to facial and hair removal.

Because, apparently men, particularly those under 30, and teenagers, are opting for this quick way of getting rid of unwanted hair in increasing numbers…and constitute a growing customer base at The Advanced Derma Laser Tech.

With ten years experience, Kandemir’s personalized attention and know-how includes the use of two state-of-the-art types of laser hair removal technology – the Cutera Nd: YAG and the Alexandrite by Candela Gentle Laser – carefully-selected according to skin color/type.

We had a session ourselves by Kandemir--- and found it all REALLY fast and relatively painless…though we were told, men stress the most over the hair removal procedures…and opt for skin numbing creams prior to the whole process.

Yup, boys will be boys.

A series of treatments usually are needed for permanent results---and packages are available, that price wise…works out to be less expensive than all those wax removal procedures that one pays for over time.