Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Extended Wear That Delivers A Golden Glow ...

We think Hourglass Cosmetics is destined for brand greatness on its own...or by some mammoth company. 

And it's not just the genius packaging...as in mirrored compacts with lids that swivel.

Or that the cosmetics are OIL FRAGRANCE, PARABEN, and SULFATE FREE-- YES!!!

But the feel, and color pigments are very high-end too. 

We discovered Hourglass Cosmetics backstage at La Perla's Fashion Week presentation...

And as we reviewed the product list recently, we noted a waterproof, streak free bronzer that purportedly withstands humidity...but easily comes off with makeup remover or mild soap/water.

As we are doing a triathlon this summer...naturally it's how we look at the finish line that is a concern for us HA HA! (Though the promoter/organizer agreed... that how we look is absolutely important...and that we could lie about our finish time cause he (the organizers) would back us up. YUP, we totally saved that email exchange for future reference.)

So we gave the new Superficial Waterproof Bronze (Mirage--- a nice peachy bronze good for all skin tones)...a test run. With the consistency of regular bronzer, we applied with the brush that's included...two sweeps each side.  After a one hour swim session in a pool that's so laden with chemicals, our skin reeks of eau de chlorine for 24 hours...at least, the bronzer performed as billed. 

Our mascara was all but gone, and our eye sockets had the unattractive hollowed out dents, courtesy of swim goggles...but the bronzer that we placed on our cheekbones looked like we had just put it on. We couldn't see any noticeable fade.

Here's hoping Hourglass launches more waterproof cosmetics. We have a feeling this summer might be a steamer.

INFO: $45 and Available at
Sephora, and Barneys new York