Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ATHLETE GAL's Guide To Beauty 2015: Long Lasting

Part 4: EYE+LIP Pencils/Pens 

If summer means hot heat and humid ---or dry HOT weather ----to you---chances you are lightening up on cosmetic applications... vs. added sunscreen.


Our go to for pops of color on our face -is basically limited to lips and eyes- via cosmetic pencils or the more liquidity-cosmetic pens or gel-like crayons---for practical reasons=easily transported/traveled without risk of spilling/breaking/TSA snagging, super easy to apply-no brushes/sponges/Q-tips needed, very long lasting-even if not billed as waterproof** and multi-tasking in a pinch.

ADDED PLUS... nowadays -so impressive-the textures and feel(s) really do vary-from matte-satin-shiny-to glide on shadow finishes.


As noted in coverage of beauty tradeshows (like the last MakeUp in New York)...there are private cosmetic companies which are sourced by big and small brands---for their innovative products...with certain country's and specific behind the scenes' companies-acclaimed for their high quality-think Germany+Italy for eye pencils/pens...South Korea for multi-tasking BB+s etc.

Straightaway at first use---we're happily thrilled with cult brand ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE pencils/pens we tried:
 ...the finely pointed Nocturnal Ink Satin Eyeliner -Made in Germany -and for summer 2015- our fav 'it' makeup cosmetic tool (read below, why)

...and the Feline Gaze Eye Kohl-Made in Italy.

...and its founder/brains of-Alexandra de Montfort---because a) products are very very high quality and b) no doubt, carefully sourced and selected...which is what cosmetic buyers rely on and expect -that level of expertise.

Oh, and bonus points-graphic design of packaging...

It is not difficult to find any ole' company to produce a beauty line of whatever---lotsa private companies out there that do this for a $-but quality of everything from ingredients to packaging vary widely...and there are exclusives to one brand-and not available to another-forever or for a certain length of time. 

Our fav it eye makeup-we love how lining upper eyelids for the smouldering cats-eyes look-is a cinch- holding the Nocturnal Ink Satin Eyeliner  at a slight angle for a dramatic line...then an easy flick-drawing it up right wear the top smile line appears- at the corner of eyes -when we smile. More Brilliant- the point is so thin and the flow so even...that we really can go for a more natural (but better) eye enhancing look---by preciously applying in between lashes on our lash line. A lot of eye pencils/pens claim to do this...but in our experiences the point it too thick-not this-the unique slim, flexible applicator tip-which is shaped like a brush-goes on ultrafine...and it took maybe 30 secs for both eyes. ALSO-quick drying, good for sensitive eyes-we applied on the waterline of our lower eyelids-no irritation whatsoever... comes in 3 colors-Dark Bay (brown), Blue Roan (mix of navy--turquoise) and what we have-Friesian-which is black...$28 Made in Germany clicks in well so won't come undone and dry out

The Feline Gaze is a creamy textured Eye Kohl pencil...with a nice satiny can be smudged a bit-we used our forefinger- when first applied straightaway- for overall shade coverage that looked great---meaning-unlike powders and some waterproof gel shadows we have tried, the finish did not crinkle up for insta-aging. 
Used as an eyeliner-on top of lashes- imparts a solid line of color...and on waterline in the inside of upper eyelid too. The EVE color tried- (a satin matte brown) is more subtle than black-good for daytime---and for us anyway---multi-tasked as a brow pencil-using little feathery strokes blurred in with the tip of a cotton swab. Billed as waterproof...we tried as aforementioned-then went on a 2+hour run in Central Park...a sweaty one too...and the proof was in the pudding so to speak-no streaking-not even our brow color- and the color held up fine. $25 Made in Italy

WHERE TO BUY: online at several sites including and Rouge Bunny Rouge

LIP COLOR -ever since Clinique launched its Chubby Sticks...this type of lip covering/packaging just took off...understandably-the colors are beautiful, the feel is moisturizing, no sharpening required...and application is so easy-you don't need a mirror, all are relatively inexpensive --- ....with a shine-ish finish between a stain and creamy moisturizing lipstick.

New to us -but an established brand, Fran Wilson® is known for her "MOODMATCHER" lipsticks---that- quoting here as we never tried..."each shade changes according to your body chemistry for a truly personalized lip color."

What we did try---in the more mainstream colors---red, orange and pink...the Moodmatcher Luxe® TWIST STICKS ($8 each).

Moodmatcher Luxe® TWIST STICKS ($8 each)...just twist to get new product-hence the name. 

Long lasting color for sure-we felt all three tried -went on true to these colors pictured---the orange is actually flattering -look great on olive medium-darker skin tones. IMO:layerable for more intense color. For a nice halfway between a stain and lipstick kind of coverage-  outline lips and filled in with one stroke for upper/one for lower lip. The feel-- moisturizing. AND FYI-the color lasted throughout the day including sipped (inhaled) 2 massive cups of coffee... .NOTE: we re-apply colorless sunblocking balm for our lips--out of habit-constantly-day or night- preventing any chapping/ sun damage. 
barely see...the color from the Fran Wilson® Dark Pink Moodmatcher Luxe® TWIST STICK hardly transferred/ budged.


blew this image up...far back Twist Stick-DarkPink, the three black stripes=Nocturnal Ink Satin Eyeliner in Friesian, and Feline Gaze Eye Kohl-pictured after a 13 mile run and a looong shower---though no soap used on the back of this hand -was hit by water. SO YES-they all qualify as very long-lasting...**When MakeUp Forever intro-ed the then new AQUA LINER liquid eyeliners-(2011) we tested its waterproof claim by applying just prior to jumping off a ferry into the NY Harbor and swimming to/around the Statue of Liberty-yes it held up---but not during a recent Ironman 70.3 we did in brutal humid heat...still-we barely held up product is still tough enough to last on most eyelids until removed intentionally. Point Being-waterproof needs are relative.