Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ATHLETE GAL's Guide To Beauty: Part 1


Watching the women's World Cup (soccer-fûtbol)...always inspires-and reminds how"beauty" includes the top tier female athletes accomplishing incredible feats-

And who- no doubt...over the years-overcame unique obstacles to achieve that level of athleticism.

 Whether wearing make-up-or not, hair styles-that are no-fuss short or  -pulled up and back in ponytails...differences are visible on the pitch-but we bet one universal action-besides protesting a yellow card=is putting on sunscreen.

Lately-we've been getting mixed messages about what's an effective -safe- full spectrum sunblock (Environmental Working Group-which accesses the effectiveness+ toxicity of ingredients and is ginormously popular---and as subscribers to Consumer Reports-their assessments which rank our preferred mineral "Natural" sunblocks-with eyeball grabbing "Don't Work That Well At All"- as many of the chemical ones tested and even gave the beloved by derm brand EltaMD -spray sunscreen-UV Aero SPF 45 only a "fair"for UVA and "good" for UVB---  HMMMMM).

Basically we want a sunblock that effectively blocks the immediate sunburn-y UVB rays---and also blocks out the long term damaging-and deeper penetrating UVA rays-that shine down all the time-even on cloudy days-and through window glass too...with an accurate rating of SPF30+. Also preferred-lotion or stick...as we feel we breath in the sprays-though acknowledge-they are convenient for outdoors use.

Another Reason To Go Spend The Strong $:

USA and Europe have different requirements (the EU requires broad spectrum sunscreen to provide UVA protection=one third potent- or more- of the SPF value) - AND have different labels-imo it is tougher for a USA consumer to accurately know which sunscreen effectively blocks out those two different sun damaging rays...

AND sunscreens have more sun blocking ingredients that are legal-across the POND or Canada including Mexoryl XL.

One Solution:

We got a chance to chat with Dr. Leslie Baumann recently-who suggested layering sunscreens...something we already do when competing in triathlons where the all sun swim/bike/run courses invite participants to "get the sunburn of their lives."

New Sunscreen:

The multi-tasking Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF PA++++ (this later indicator-designates effective UVA blocking)-which spreads on -slightly tinted- but dries up opaque. It comes in a smartly packaged bottle and is more liquid-y than any sunscreen we've used...and in fact-it needs to be shaken (15 secs) before application. $42 online.
top twists on/off...shake it up with it on, obvs

The sun-blocking 'active ingredients' are the proven mineral blocks- titanium dioxide 7%, and zinc oxide 6%.

 The anti-aging ingredients include Vitamin E and Lactobionic Acid---free radical scavengers which are anti-aging goodies-esp. important given recent scientific research that shows sun damage can occur hours after exposure-and therefore hopefully treated.

Also on board-a potent Green Tea extract and a PHA/Bioniccomplex that prevents the youthful appearance must collagen in the skin from breaking down due to photo-aging.
we're a tad neater than this but wanted to visually convey the tint/texture

BONUS: Fragrance Free (that means no added fragrance at all to even neutralize the scent), Paraben-Free, and Oil-Free as well as well as non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic-so good for all skin types.

We use this easy to spread on sunscreen- facially-under a BB+ from South Korea we're obsessed with or foundation by our new fav Rouge Bunny.  (a later post)

Even with the SPF+ rated BBs or CCs-we don't feel we slather on enough of either to block out the sun...let alone re-apply every two hours like we're supposed to with sunscreen. Does anyone?

Coppertone: When we compete or exercise outdoors---we layer a physical sunblock (Elemental Herbs or Beyond Coastal) over a chemical one from the neck down...and use Coppertone® Water Babies® Pure and Simple Lotion SPF 50 with active ingredients Octinoxate (7.5%), Octisalate (5%), Zinc Oxide (14.5%)- it's free of dyes and fragrances which can irritate skin...and is easy to spread on. $9.99 online

PS: Recommended by the Miami based Dr. Baumann -but not tried -yet-the Heliocare supplement.

CODA: We've been reading up on potential damaging effects of exposure to other parts of the solar spectrum-like from man-made lights, blue light rays (HEV) from electronic devices etc. Oh yeah, there's that too. Though we have yet to see a sunscreen pitched for that-just new ingredients hitting the market.

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