Thursday, June 18, 2015

ATHLETE GAL's GUIDE 2015 Summer Beauty -Part 3

thank-you OASIS DAY SPA

TAKING IT OFF----Out with the old, in with the smoother new...

The original Ped Egg®-it's in the packaging-where the 'aha' part comes in
Rough-hardened knarly skin-ankles' down

replacement blades sold separately
WOW- we saw the original Ped Egg® on tv-and now there's a new way to gently but realistically remove underfoot callus and dead skin...a cordless, battery-operated (2 needed) , pumice stone-gently vibrating  PED EGG POWER ($19.99) with an extra bonus pumice smoothing roller.  It feels a tad ticklish if you are the sort-but-no human power required.

No time for that salon visit, OR maybe just prefer a do-it-yourself callus - banning session (because of a much viewed NYTimes series-and/or like us-don't want any risk of infection from unsanitary pedicures potentially ruining ALL THAT TRAINING)...

replacement rollers -3 pack-sold separately-lasts super long time
More like what were you thinking-Ugly Tattoos---summer in the city brings out the bare skin and some wha????? tattoos- maybe embellished with the name of an ex UGH (unlike some fab ones that are living works of art, imo).

The new PicoWay picosecond laser from  Syneron-Candela that works on multiple skin tones-and that also works to zap off those not wanted brown spots acquired over time-from sun-exposure. 

HOW: PicoWay’s ultra-short, ultra-fast pulses (a trillionth of a second) shatter pigmentation from the ink into tinier particles that are easier for the body to eliminate.


FYI: Tattoos-depending on said ink-can vary the results, more than one session required (3-4)...healing time also required between sessions, and not painless either- from what we read online...but still-an improvement over other lasers that required up to 12 treatments (yikes)...def. discuss potential pluses and minuses prior.

With brown spots-one or two sessions needed and it works permanently quickly-versus lightening cremes that can take weeks-months...

Unwanted facial hair

No time or funds for a permanent solution=no problem... use- at home -a new member of the iconic brand Jolen Bleach, the Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit- a 3 part easy to use solution... that delivers smooth silky, hair-free skin in as little as eight minutes.
Formulated with a patented soft scent technology-the kit includes 
1)Skin Guarding Balm is used before hair removal to condition and protect skin, preventing irritation and redness. This balm can also be used after hair removal and cleansing to moisturize and smooth skin.   
2)Hair Removal Cream quickly, gently and effectively removes unwanted hair on the upper lip, chin and cheeks
3) Cleanse & Soothe Wipes wipe away cream and hair while soothing and conditioning the skin. These wipes eliminate the need to ruin washcloths or fuss with messy tissues or cotton balls. · 

         Dermatologist tested for safety and perfect for all facial hair types. Available in ULTA, and for $11.99.

PS: Everytime we do Ironman triathlons-notice lotsa guys have removed visible hair too (not including what's under the swim caps) Jolen prob not just for the ladies

Back-acne-sweat acne-that's actually a fungal thing- pityrosporum folliculitis (yech) - courtesy of the duo, heat/humidity.


Cult brand VMV Hypoallergenics offers up a good for any gender and skin type, non-irritating solution for face or body acne-Id Monolauren Gel $26---with naturally anti-bacterial coconut derived monolauren, in a cooling gel that is non-drying...and helps with the unwanted shine part too....without fragrance, dye,  Phthalate, Parabens, or preservatives! 

PART FOUR: Long Lasting Eye/Lip Pencils