Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ATHLETE GAL's Guide To Beauty:Part 2 Reviews Exuviance, Regenica

Anti-Aging Help -Under/Over the Eyes

Not new news here-the eye area----above and below the eyeballs themselves--- reveals the first signs of aging for most people-via puffiness, crows feet, fine wrinkles, dark circles, crepey-ness, and/or sagging skin.

Any combo thereof... above and beyond inherited facial traits that can show up when one's young...not wanted!

For us-the lovely raccoon imprints -aka goggle eyes-that we get from swimming -were taking longer and longer too disappear---and it def. bothers besides looking weird.

Hydrating skin with plumping moisturizers-is a must for fines lines and wrinkles...but gravity combined with the an agers loss of collagen and tightening elastin, and environmental stress (hello chlorine)-also played a role....and imo required more than the typical moisturizer packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid. Firming ingredients were musts too (btw for the 411 on that- we like this blog post from Dr. Perricone).

Interesting for us-the past two months-about---has made us believers in two fairly new/newly packaged products ---that has improved our under-eye abilities to bounce back from those 3 hours a week we spend on perfecting our freestyle.

Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum...
 Right off-we love the cooling, triple roller applicator---click the other end 1x (the plunger) and get the perfect sized dose of this readily absorbed -non-irritating serum. 

What's inside the serum-includes Exuviance's much acclaimed firming NeoGlucosamine® the company's patented non-acid sugar technology that promotes cellular turnover-reducing fine lines/wrinkles, and a blend of peptides that tones up the entire eyelid area. Other ingredients sourced from top notch research companies-include citrus antioxidant in Eyeliss™=reduces bags/puffiness and Actiflow® for under eye what we would call the 'usual' effective ingredients found in a lot of eye cream/serums, stimulating caffeine +green tea-helps in the puffiness and has anti-oxidants, respectively---and soothing a formula that penetrates the skin for efficacy.

 We use this product on cleansed skin-AM and PM (rolling around under eye-and above-right below brows, above the lids)... ---and def. noticed an improvement as mentioned above-in the eight weeks that used. YAY! MSRP.$72

FYI-we figure this will last us about 3.5 months

On weekends---and in a gym bag that gets carried to the pool- we've been using-right after swimming- the recovery gel from the revived Regenica..a company we've favorably reviewed in the past---that kinda dropped off the radar...but still existed-lead by Dr. Gail K. Naughton- a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine and the "inventor" of a key ingredient in the potent and effective anti-aging serum, Skin Medica's TNS® (1990's). 

Regenica's key ingredient, the patented MRCx™  is..."...itself created by growing new fibroblasts (safe and non-controversial stem cells) in a stimulated embryonic lab environment---with the created secreted proteins, growth factors and other byproducts-harvested= the key ingredient in all of the company's products..."-and is a proven skin firmer.

 Happily, we like this packaging---the Recovery gel tube maintains the easily absorbed, non-irritating gel's integrity (vs creams in jars)...and the cool to the touch aluminum tip is slanted to make dabbing on under our eyes easy. Ingredient wise-water, and dimethicone (a silicone oil-silky feeling in lotsa haircare/cosmetics- used to smooth application-and FDA deemed safe) followed by 'human fibroblast conditioned media (stem cells)---soothing/moisturizing aloe (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract),  and a fav goody we use as a homeopathic treatment after major workouts and bruising...the anti-inflammatory Arnica Montana Flower Extract. Impressive. MSRP $24

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