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Celliant, OutDry, Easton Mountain Tents, Skora Running Shoes, UTAH BEERS-Squatters/Wasatch Breweries, Birki's

Celliant, OutDry, Easton Mountain Tents,  Skora Running Shoes, UTAH BEERS-Squatters/Wasatch Breweries, Birki's Outdoor Retailer/SLC

The Coolest Things @ Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow Fall 2013: Part 2

Product breakthroughs-usually come courtesy of radical design/engineering -re-imagined...or what we find a lot at OR-new textiles intro-ed...after years of research, or fine-tuning of what used to be the premium offerings.

all give off energy---these thermal graphic images reminded us of the album cover of Emotional Rescue-Rolling Stones (1980)---that drew a complete blank from the younger than us pr gal and Celliant scion. 

the solid pink is a tee shirt made of Celliant fibers-notice the even tone-aka even body temperature...
Over yonder in the footwear zone, we met out with the folks from Celliant™ a very cutting edge company that makes a fiber that reflects back into the wearer, the energy naturally emitted---thereby increasing oxygen levels-blood flow, reducing pain, and balancing out body temperature (see the above image). Clinically proven too.

This concept of capturing human energy and reflecting it back into the body for healing purposes is not new---Asian societies have practiced this for like ever--as did the ancient Egyptians...and there are chemically treated fabrics by other manufacturers that do just this too in the here and now.

What makes Celliant™ amazing is that it's actually a fiber---not a coating on a fabric like Schoeller's energear™(we wrote about prior)-so it's permanently functional---that absorbs and stores the electromagnetic energy transmissions...and smartly converts and releases the energy into a usable form to be absorbed into the skin/deep muscle tissue-for increased oxygen levels ("legalized doping")...or as also mentioned prior-balance out body temps whether in active mode...or not. A big deal imo -during intense physical activity...and when sleeping.

raw materials
The How: A special assemblage of natural minerals (a proprietary mix)...are embedded into polyester fibers to create Celliant™ pictured at the exhibit.
mashed up w/ polyester
Celliant yarn---spun and filament yarns available

2 staple fibers available

No surprise to us, there are already a bunch of athletic/performance wear labels like Saucony, Adidas,  Reebok and Point 6 (to name a few)...and new maternity wear line FitBump ...that have embraced what we think of as garments and accessories that positively interact with the wearer.  Very cutting edge. And even any oxygen bump up---any competitive athlete pays real money for that.

we are demo-ing running socks by Celliant™ ---here's to no foot cramps when we swim!

Not new to us ---but a new application of...OutDry® - a waterproof/breathable membrane (high water vapor permeability)--- that is directed bonded to a fabric...AND  that has a witty MO "...water not included"---debuted at a media breakfast on Day 3.

What makes OutDry® a standout for the lighter/faster that there is no airspace gap (microscopic but significant) -between the hardshell material of the object i.e.. the gloves' "bladder"/footwear-"bootie"--- and the inner membrane---so there's zilch space for water to become trapped/ collect (add weight-"...up to 40% of an object's dry weight"!!!!!!), stagnate...or just create cold spots.

Team members from Italian based company, co-founded by the congenial Luca Morlacchi- an AC Milan fan (we asked of course)...were at the press briefing ---giving an overview of the technology.

Then sister brand- Mountain Hardwear actually show and tell-ed the new Spring 2014 backpacks- the South Col™ 70...pictured below...and the pro guide gear BMG™105...that are OutDry® 3D laminate technology endowed. Both haulers are lightweight, totally waterproof-seam welded (saves weight) and super tough packs ...that are roomy too.

How tough was Power Pointed illustrated, by the Mountain Hardwear guys-who tested the packs by filling them up with iron weights and tossing them out of a second story window many, many times---kinda like inspired CrossFit we guess...and, fyi- the pack fared very well with just a few rough-up spots---way better than what our luggage typically fares courtesy of airport baggage handlers-human or mechanical.

Field testing also done in the real world by Ueli elite mountain climber.

seams are welded (no seam sealing tape)-a technology we see more and more---roomy interior
padded back, adjustable straps....pretty stripped down one  pack solution-flexible

Several brands use OutDry®....including the new Showers Pass®, Crosspoint All Weather gloves-that are great for cycling in inclement weather (we tried too)...Montrail®, and of course...parent company Columbia® ---to name a few.

Hey---free hot coffee...and a bunch of loggers wielding away serious chainsaws---very cool-outdoors in the freezing cold. Making a point we guess, that Georgia Boots are warm

Easton Mountain Products-offers up several product lines...including the now available ultra-light - Kilo Tent series ---featuring the company's signature carbon fiber poles-the lightest weight tent support system in the world.

What really was super cool-debuting at the show---and not yet for sale (but soon)...the CUBEN Si2 über light tent---like ridiculously light-2lbs 9oz---the sales rep is holding the whole thing up with one finger. And it's not like he trained for this...the tent is that light---made of a material used in, it's waterproof/breathable via eVent.

Zero drop, asymmetrical lacing-for a non-chafing socklike fit,  anatomical REALFIT last, wider toe box, curved outsoles forefoot and heel for natural motion...but with elastic heel strap for customizable fit., generous ball girth

Another clever fabulous use of a fabric treatment we're familiar with, 3M™'s Scotchlite™ Reflective Material with 360 Enhanced Visibility by minimalist masters of the running shoe SKORA

Pittards® leather frames  reflective airmesh upper that glows when light hits it---women's Phase-X-no tongue design,  stitch down construction/anti-microbial sock liner---for ez runs without socks. Nice enough looking to wear around town too.

BE SEEN in the a comfortable, natural motion rider for the feet. In a way, we are surprised more footwear brands have not done us-those reflective "pops" on clothing do not do the trick on dark rural country roads. Just ask the road kill- for concurrence.

men's Phase -X 7.6oz, airmesh upper with reflective overlays (no sew), stitch down construction/anti-microbial sock liner---for ez runs without socks.

Other Skora Fall 2013 kicks include the limited edition blue camo/white/flo. orange Men's Form
Our review of SKORA's from last season

SKI UTAH-an organization that is the source for the Utah snowbird bound- hosted a welcoming soirée for media types right before Day One...oh as if we needed even more encouragement to partake of the dry fluffy stuff in this state---that makes snowboarding FUN...and easy...with 14 resorts under an hour or so- from the SLC airport---accommodations  for every kind of budget---and clearly, eats and drinks -plain and fancy. We barely remember the intricacies of all those alcohol rules from our early jaunts out here from the east coast...but rest assured, no deprivation here now. 

Just more reasons to celebrate spending times in these parts of the planet. 

The incentive that night- was had at the huge, multi-storied pub, the original Squatter's ---located an easy stroll from downtown hotels---and jammed pack when we got there.

This establishment---and partner, Wasatch Brewery (named after the mountain range that sports all those great resorts)... are acclaimed for it's craft brews/ales...with meaningful ABVs, fyi...and sample some we did.

What amazed us---the quality was as good as any we ever sampled anywhere---and in particular the fabulous Flanders Style Oud Bruin 529 Beer-aged in oak barrels for-yup---529 days. retailing for $20 bottle-a bottle where the mix was re-fermented with champagne yeast---! 

Worth every cent-this was easily the tastiest pour we had that night...a Flemish brown sour mash-up with malty sweetness, aged up, just so
529 on the left---good luck finding any of these bottles outside the Rocky Mountain area. Here's hoping our local Pony Bar in NYC---nabs a few casks.
served just right---in a glass by Brewmaster Dan Burick.

we could have eaten this all by ourself.

Info on the beers:

The nano-sec we saw these flag enveloped sandals at the Birki's exhibit---we knew WORLD CUP---2014 Brazil---soccer, futbol, football=YES...before the reps were about to go into explanation mode. 

As if we needed it---but safe to assume it's not exactly on the radar of most USA-ers. 

We LOVE...and yes, again---left the booth begging for a 3, 2...

German brand Birki's-who we assume will have a German version---offers what we think of as hybrid recovery/lifestyle kicks---with its signature construction-deep heel cup, arch supports, toe gripper-footbed of five layers with edging...amazingly comfy and all day wearable. And-you will be on your feet for all the imo-a smart choice of footwear.  

USA!!! USA!!!USA!!!= Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé...Olé, Olé

All hail Britannia

Brazil (Brasil)