Friday, April 13, 2012

TELA BEAUTY ORGANICS Smooth Operator + Curl Of My Dreams

 TELA DESIGN STUDIO: 31 Little West 12th Street, NYC


As we are conscious of what we eat---and imho-fair to say most people have an awareness of what organic food is ---it only makes sense to scrutinize hair products with the same eye out for meaningful healthy ingredients...and a bit of a skeptic's eye out for green washing (meaning calling a product natural---which may mean that to a chemist, but for the rest of us...still full of all those unpronouncable components that Mother Nature probably never dreamed us).

Philip Pelusi
WE have written about TELA BEAUTY ORGANICS prior-most recently about the formaldehyde free BLOW OUT Phyto-Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

Our latest visit to this spacious studio/salon was to check out the Curl of My Dreams™-a curl enhancing elixir that is an anti-frizz texture product packed with Tela Organic's signature  (and proprietary, patent pending) Pelusi Ceramide Complex-a moisture rich ingredient blend for hydration and strength, 


...Quinoa Protein-that deeply repairs and revitalizes dry frizzy hair -something curly hair is prone to....that works synergistically with...

....the exclusive USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC HYDRATING BLEND of marshmallow root, mountain lady bell, plantain, reishi mushroom and Solomon's Seal-in meaningful doses too...not as add-ons at the end of a multi-syllable list on the label.

For natural curls without the crunch or stiffness...Curl of My Dreams™ is a welcome addition for women and men----...who are more inclined to work with the texture of their hair as opposed to dosing their locks in chemicals to achieve a certain 'do.

To use as after care of the in-salon treatments---or on its own, the Curl of My Dreams™ and also- the Smooth Operator-smell terrific...really...and as we learned-the Quiona Protein in both of these serum consistency products- enhances the effectiveness of phyto-keratin--itself a hair strengthener and moisturizer.

FYI: Both "...took years to develop," according to Philip Pelusi -the chef ---in a way---of mixing up all the ingredients for the most effective hair products-that style as well as condition one's tresses. AND composed of 80% USDA Certified Organic ingredients- $32 each.

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