Saturday, September 24, 2011


words/images Judith Ecochard

Green washing or velcro marking--meaning just slapping on the "organic" label without any serious eco ingredients---is found everywhere-on personal hair/skin care products.

So when we get info on an "organic" beauty/grooming anything, we scour the labels for the truth.

For a fact, we know that Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi is a collection of haircare and skincare products that contain USDA 85% Certified Organic ingredients---which is really, really rare for the beauty world.

New to this assortment of performance driven hair goodies is the just launched GIRLS WHO LOVE CURLS-an in-salon, multi-step treatment "designed and especially formulated to define, smooth, eliminate frizz and energize each and every curl for 4-6 weeks." 

And healing for damaged and recently colored locks too. 

After thorough shampoo, hair is applied/saturated with Girls Who Love Curls solution from roots to ends, then dried in natural hair pattern by a diffuser or hood hair dryer...or air dry

Then curled via curling iron barrel-size can vary---and good for all curly hair types from baby fine to coarse. Takes about hour and a half.
Like the formaldehyde-free, BLOW OUT Phyto-Keratin Smoothing Treatment that debuted a few weeks ago...the GWLC holy grail is blessed with certified organic active ingredients in meaningful concentrations---in this case the protein rich quinoa "Mother Grain" that naturally strengthens, repairs and provides shine to hair, herbs and anti-oxidant fruit acids that provide essential moisture,  and the exclusive hydro-charged ceramide complex (patent pending) that repairs, strengthens and reconstitutes hair's inner structure with a lipid hydration solution.  

The end result being that frazzled locks experience overall improvement in texture/strength after each treatment---and without the usual harsh chemical brews---that we would think even salon employees would want to avoid, big time.
Girls Who Love Curls system includes Curly Shampoo & Conditioner, Composer Moldable Moisture (split end repair-and like a gel without the crunch) and
 Guardian Anti-Frizz Sunguard (SPF 18+ and good for all hair types)

Chatting with Pelusi at his spacious Meatpacking District salon/event space (31 Little West 12th Street)...we learned that he oversees over 300 hairdressers under his direct employ in his hometown of Pittsburgh, so his products "have to perform."

"I am more driven now than I have ever been before," he noted..."...with the challenge of making organics work." 

Like Honey-this is the texture of the Curly Shampoo

For Pelusi, celebrating his 45th (yes!!!) year in the industry, this is all a good thing, we think---and largely  achieved as there really isn't anything else quite as "green" on the market-that's "real life stuff"---meaning non-toxic effective haircare solutions we could even put on with our bare hands...and would want to...

Philip Pelusi on left....

Another line that has recently come to our attention is ORGANIC MALE aka OM4 -a four step, targeted per type, skincare system for men...designed for those on the go--meaning 4 steps in under 4 ancillary treatments (ENCORE products like the pictured below-SHAVE).

Grouped by skin type-Oily, Normal/Combo, Sensitive, and Dry, each ensemble includes a cleanser WASH, toner/ph BALANCE (really important given tap water these days), serum BIOACTIVATE and moisturizer DEFEND ---specifically blessed with targeted ingredients, mostly naturally sourced from what we read, to deliver noticeably better skin.
SHAVE---we think this has the potential to be the most popular product in the line...

One example, the anti-aging serum (we tried)--- contains minerals, food grade botanicals and  a potent Omega 3 Antioxidant Blend---with the key ingredient being a "South Island Sauvignon Blanc Grapeseed Husk Extract" which is not something to drink---but tested by OM4 labs to contain more anti-flammatory and anti-oxidant values than the buzzed about acai berry. (FYI: the USDA has a list of 326 spices/food measured by ORAC-Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity Scale).

We sampled the four step anti-aging system in packets we scored from the Mohonk Mountain House Spa-they love the line, FYI...

The quality was high, we felt-but of course, we think weeks of dedicated use is needed--- for any OTC skin care regiment--- to see meaningful change...the curative kind.

Specifically, we tested out the multi named- Microblended Bionutrient Face Wash with astringent Alfafa, Red Raspberry and Oregon Grape- that easily removed the gunk and makeup (a quarter size amount on the palm-massaged into face/neck or with a wet washcloth-what we used), the Surface Refining pH Balancer-with Oregon Grape, Pomegranate, soothing Witch Hazel, and Blueberry-we actually lightly splashed on, the aforementioned Age-Defying Anti-Oxidant Serum (pea sized dose)- absorbed in seconds without a scent or stinging our skin, and lastly, the Environmental Defense Hydration Complex-with Red Wine extracts loaded with resveratrol -a natural anti-aging substance---we ended up thinning out with some water drops and patted under our eyes---worked just fine as it was a hot humid day. In the cold dry air---we would use about a dime size amount-massaged in all over our face.  
This sample packet-packaged together- actually lasted us a long weekend 

The product names might be a bit precious for the guys we usually go rock climbing with----but the ease of use---yeah, we think they'd get it. 

ADDED PLUS: Handsome packaging, masculine bottle shapes-cuz yes, prestige wrappings matter to a lot of folks particularly at these price points (in a general range $25-$60/per)---with  packaging made from recyclable plastics, Italian glass, Forest Stewardship Council (FCS®) paper stock, and soy based inks.