Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Station-- NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

Three Fragrances for men...by the French brand Lacoste (in collab with P&G Prestige)...got off to a very buzzy start for invited guests at NYC's majestic landmark,  Grand Central Station.

Walking into the Vanderbilt Hall...we thought the huge space was cleverly divided into spaces to relax--- on white chaise lounges---- and take in the huge video presentation that ran in a loop---and is available on YouTube (http://youtu.be/1WZlXqTnJ9g)

Projected on a huge screen curtain that later dropped to reveal La Machine

We first admired the bottles itself---clean ---no labels---save for the iconic croc....very deliberate ---and so we were told---it took about 2 years of development from start to finish.

The video made clear how the Lacoste bottles are inspired by the classic polo as first envisioned by tennis star René Lacoste.

An interactive video//art piece worthy of the Pompidou Museum in Paris- La Machine- was revealed after the festivities highlights social media's love for Lacoste fragrances.

LACOSTE managed to welcome hundreds of guests this very fun-filled evening in true style-with waiters greeting guests with special martinis conjured up for the occasion---and Heidsieck Champagne---one of our fav bubbly drinks.

 Heralding the USA launch of three new colognes for men (though we sniffed all three---and would wear ourselves)...

Cocktails matched the colors of the bottles

Tasty eats in the colors of the bottles too!

Paul Sevigny DJ

Dancers warm up in the hallway

We learned that the LA MACHINE: L.12.12 -an interactive visual sculpture- made up of hexagonal modules that mimic a crocodile's scales (as does the side of the Lacoste bottles-BTW)- is on display in Grand Central until September 27th, 2011- and is capable of displaying up to 35,000 special user generated videos-uploaded onto Lacoste's Facebook page or www.lamachine1212.com---and including personal data (of course)...and one's fav fragrance of the three.

So Addictive New York, checking one's smartphones!
It takes something pretty special for New Yorkers to drop whatever their doing ....and we have to say this was speccciallllll!!!!

The  sharp energy of these dancers---was amazing...and a perfect reflection of the young, hip Lacoste brand.

We spoke with several of these wonderful, internationally cast of dancers...from Spain, Greece, all over....like the universal appeal of the Lacoste polo...

Dressed in Lacoste polo shirts (in the three-Bleu, Vert, Blanc colors) and jeans---they auditioned in an open cast call---and the ones we spoke with ---study at Alvin Ailey...which explains their ability to jump, jump, jump....

Grandmaster Flash-aka--- Melle Mel and the Furious Five--- hip-hop musicians extraordinaire ---kept the beat with "The Message."

Melle Mel

Melle Mel (l)

A SHORT INTRO...by Lacoste Fragrance's Antoine Delgrange and an actor from the flick Social Network---Max Minghella.

AFterwards...all smiles--very FUN.

La Machine 12.12 gets set-up