Monday, September 5, 2011


Long Beach, L.I.

words/Images Judith Ecochard 

The powers that be breathed a sign of relief today.

-After Hurricane Irene knocked out more than just power-the offshore Hurricane Katia gave surfers, pro and am--lots of swell swells-3-4 feet at least-

...for a Labor Day fun fest for onlookers and surfers -showing the pros that the Easy Coast is worthy, particular in September.
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At least 40,000 people of all types-all ages too-packed Long beach -given the local biz a boost of revenue.
Bar crowd at Allegria Hotel...all day!

Even the gals at the press room where we checked in-were stunned at the turnout. We all wondered if Quiksilver had enough warehoused merch to sell...their pitched tent----about the size of half a football field-was wall to wall with people getting tees, hats, etc.

A blessing on the beach- in the tradition of Hawai---musta done the job---because the ATP officials were thinking that the waves would there---to finish up the competition in 5 days-not the alloted ten.
ROXY had arts n' crafts tables-leather lanyards bedazzled your way with beads, feathers----

DJ kept toes tappin'

Hey, more time for the pros including the highly popular Kelly Slater-to tool around NY...maybe even take in some tennis at that other sporting event-the U.S. Open.

There are many reasons we think that day outdrew the tennis---from NYC---the local train LIRR---had $21 fare-it's round trip, including a beach pass versus gas costs and who knows how long, sitting in traffic on the LIE aka the world's longest parking lot...

---the Long Beach station a mere five minute stroll away...and for a day at the wide sandy beach----plus...a great way to get out of town.

Our train was packed---natives, tourists, college kids, families etc-even though it was midday and the event had started hours earlier.
Crowds several humans deep and this wasn't even the main competition

User friendly, the pro gals were riding when we got out there. They made it look easy---it probably was for them---but we know better. Surfing is not one of those sports you can pick up in two secs- usually---as an adult.
Local surfers take part too...

wide white sandy beach- comfortable temps

The main competition starts tomorrow at 8AM ---and though the Labor Day crowds will not be present, we assume----we bet the turnout is wwwaaayyyy better than what shows up on the other ATP tour stops.