Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TELA BEAUTY ORGANICS Phyto Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blow Out

31 Little West 12th Street, NYC

Summer Hair Care Solutions WITHOUT THE CHEMICALS

True to their statement;

"Our mission is to create compelling products from sustainable sources that Mother Nature has developed..."

Tela Beauty Organics by the scientist/ hair guru Philip Pelosi ---gathered a captivated press bunch---who all ended up beyond very impressed at the launch of ITS BREAKTHROUGH PHYTO KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT BLOW OUT.

Here's why---

Finally--- a four-six weeks solution to the frizzes that actually nourishes one's locks via a groundbreaking formula "containing Hydro-Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex"---and NO yech/harsh stuff like toxic formaldehyde--- and importantly, no formaldehyde derivatives, no aldehydes, no harsh chemicals, no irritating fumes or odors AND FREE of sulfate, paraben and allergen fragrance.
Seven Step Process...

How amazing is this product  and blow out treatment process (takes about an hour to an hour and half or so, depending on hair length)--- that really does take the frizz out---without changing one's hair type (ie curls kept).

We saw a demo on a gal with shoulder length, fine curly hair---she had half treated the day prior (one must wait 8 hours after treatment before washing---though it's perfectly safe to keep locks as is for days)...
Camera left side, treated...then washed later, dry naturally. Right side -nada, yet

And the other half treated at the press briefing.

What struck us most of all---after her hair was washed...the treatment itself was applied by bare hands---no protective gloves necessary!!!! That was astonishing.

being applied

Then her hair was blown out and her locks flat-ironed, sealing in the moisturizing, conditioning Phyto-Keratin Micro-Emulsion  and the proprietary USDA Certified Organic Regenerating Blend: with soothing/strengthening Organic Horsetail, Organic Reishi Mushroom, Organic Sprouted Soy, Organic Aloe, Organic Lavender, Organic Bilberry, and Organic Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple= wow!!!

Good to know...this semi-permanent organic treatment does not alter the hair's chemistry (as in it is safe to color one's hair prior to the treatment)...and it leaves the hair stronger.

Perfectly smooth/straighten

Everyone was so impressed we all clamored for the treatment ourselves that is currently available at Philip Pelusi salons ($125)...though we are sure more salons will jump on board.

Check the website for the latest---http://www.telanyc.com
Philip Pelusi (Left)

Also Good To Know---the spacious, sunny salon that doubles as a performance/gallery space and is truly stunning---offers a full range of hair care services too.

Words/Images Judith Ecochard