Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Innovative  Technology Cosmetics

Flatiron District, NYC
In the front-Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush™-cruelty free soft to the touch-swirl in pressed or loose powder-apply in sweeping motions $48...easy clean & dries to how we first got it.
words/images Judith Ecochard

Arriving late to a make-up presentation (no excuse as native New Yorkers -calculating the cross streets ---ending up about 20 blocks away!!!)---

----we scooted in all drippy from the steamy heat, sitting right next to our hostess, Jamie Kern Lima -who gave us a welcoming "hello,"---(she, we noted, looking cool, calm and collected)...

Her story, we learned soon enough-as she continued recounting- to the packed room of media types ---her own attempts at dealing with her facial flaws and skin problems.

Squinting our eyeballs-cause we couldn't see a flaw on this perfectly coiffed entrepreneur, anywhere visible, anyway, so we were at first, taken aback by Kern Lima's just out there descriptions of her 'negatives.' 

But the former news anchor, self-admitted "product junkie," (with an MBA from Columbia. no less)---probably focused on that kinda stuff a lot- in front of the camera---and dissatisfied with what was out on the market---she and her equally as entrepreneurial husband-developed IT COSMETICS™---a high performance and affordable ($20-$24) collection of 'corrective' kinds of all day lasting,  natural (no parabens)--- and natural looking- make-up-that's HD TV proof---

---AND with medical grade, anti-aging benefits.

Case in point----

The Bye Bye Under Eye™-full coverage/waterproof creme like liquid...that does not sink in to creases/cracks--and really put IT Cosmetics™on the radar of beauty types, publications and doctors as it covers extensively, and is non-irritating ...

AND which we tried...and liked a whole lot---a small dab easily applied---after patting on over moisturized skin (and we actually dab a bit of moisturizer afterwards too)---it really blended into a brightening nothing---that lasted through a swim practice!

Another case in point:

The Brow Power™ "Universal Transforming Long-Wear Eyebrow Pencil" (with GrowLuxe@ technology - a patent pending blend of cutting edge ingredients to restore brow follicles)---got handed to us...

Genius, aesthetically pleasing packaging (developed in house with "my arthritic mom" in mind)--- the formulation impressive- a long-wearing, layer-able pencil (vary pressure on application for different tints) on one end...

---and the oval shaped spooly brush tip on the other-to ensure natural looking brows...

FYI: Each Brow Power™ Pencil sold---IT COSMETICS™ donates one to the Look Good, Feel Better® help women deal with the effects of cancer with confidence-i.e. losing one's hair, brows, and eyelashes while under treatment.

Also at the demo---the multi-tasking Hello Lashes™ -a clinically proven 5-in 
-1 Mascara with an amazing Magic Wand Lash Ball Detailer applicator brush... to get this blackest of black mascara onto every itty bitty single lash. (And paraben free, fragrance free, oil free and non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic)...

We usually question some eyelash growth serum claims---but the science of the Grow-luxe@ complex (which contains peptides and apple stem cells)--- seems credible---(and coincidentally later that day, we got more schooling about the astonishing skin caring benefits of apple stems cells at another beauty event---).

PLUS Kern, who sells her line on the heavily vetted QVC channel, informed us how she is able to explain the technology and demonstrate her line---very visibly-starting on herself- without makeup on-on that shopping channel. And that when it comes to beauty, women are loyal to QVC as ---" better be good or they'll return it..."for a refund!

Other products from the focused cosmetics company include:

in the front-No-Tug™ Heavenly Luxe Dual Shadow Brush-100% cruelty free-a large flat side for all over shadow application-use sideways, windshield wiper fashion- for shadow in eyelid crease-smaller smudge brush for lower lash line. $24
Vitality Lip Flush 4-in-1 Reviver™--

-- an anti-aging lip balm (vitamins A, C, E, Acai, Green and White Tea),  lipstick, lip gloss and lip stain in one---in feminine, universal colors like the sheer shiny pink Je Ne Sais Quoi---

BONUS POINTS-the product gets rid of those yech dehydrating flakes that many lip glosses leave us---a problem solved via hydrating fruit oils, shea butter, soothing aloe, argan and jojoba.

Vitality Cheek Flush™ Powder Blush Stain...

---with similar qualities to the aforementioned---but---going on skin as a fine micro-milled powder...and transforming so to speak---into the look of a sheer blush stain---imparting a healthy glow that looks natural ---and lasts all day. 

IMHO: the $38 high performance "Naturally Pretty" Luxe Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Palette™ will sell well---developed with plastic surgeons (as all IT Cosmetics™ are)'s a bevy of talc free and fragrance-free shadow formulas --- can be applied wet or dry-as shadows or eye liners----and absolutely imparts true color while also multi-tasking as anti-aging products---the MO of the brand. 

One of our major complaints about many makeup labels is how little true pigment is in the eye shadows---so the color fades away after an hour or so---even with the addition of an eye primer underneath. What we like about the IT Cosmetics™ eye palette---is its authentic color that we tried (purple) that lasted on our eyelids. We haven't tested the waterproof claim-though plan too---as we do triathlons...

Well priced---some nice pluses are mirrored compact for some products, and the rubber grip handles.

HD TV ready-goes on translucent talc, fragrance, oil and paraben free---fills in the crinkles and pores with a light sweep---under eyes too.