Monday, August 1, 2011


113 SPRING STREET (Btwn Mercer/Greene)

We're rather obsessed with this lightening fixture

Kid's boots too!

words/images Judith Ecochard

Frye -the iconic American brand that has our very über stylish nieces "obsessed"  with their handcrafted footwear and haulers---gave them one more reason to visit their hometown on college breaks...

Back room 
The opening of their first branded, freestanding retail brick and mortars store---in the heart of the Big Apple's architecturally glorious Cast Iron district.

Men's footwear

MAC Cosmetics moved a few doors down, leaving a modern white antiseptic space for the acclaimed AVRO KO team of architects/designers to work with----

We figure that must of involved a  lot of jackhammering to uncover/restore those stunning brick walls...

Well, walk this way----

True to the DNA of the Frye Shoe Company ---the footwear/accessories brand with the Civil War era inspired boots giving it a kick-start...

A lot of authentically antique and repurposed design elements are thoughtfully placed throughout the store...the space of which is up for the eco LEEDS Certification badge of green honor.

We like how important it was to source the materials within about a 500 mile radius, we were told-and it does have that comfy rural barn and country store feel to it.
Repurposed Barn doors slide across

Pulley's bring the inventory up

But the merchandise is all up-to-date---with current selections from the ginormous 2011 collection, simply displayed on the shelves...inviting customers to easily access the shoes. Something not quite done online.

Another big plus for people with sensory overload ----

---the stock is thoughtfully grouped by theme (Riding collection, Campus, Harness, Western...etc).

And does not overwhelm customers strolling in---including soon- we feel, the hordes of Euros and Asian tourists that clog the streets, piled up with packed shopping bags in tow.

And we love them too.

Michael Petry-Proud Dad/Design Director

www.the frye company

TBD: Limited edition footwear/accessories available at the store only---as we notice the sophisticated merchandise types/retail collections do that.