Monday, March 21, 2011


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Lincoln Center

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

An Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award winner for 2011, Mandy Coon will hopefully get a bit more into the limelight---acclaimed as the accomplished designer she has been for four collections now.

Amazing! Elegant, modern-we'd like to see a stroll on the Red Carpet in this vs. some of those frothy sugar plum fairy looks

For the latest Fall/Winter 2011---a picture of mom looking chic in her creamy fitted turtleneck and high waisted trousers that fit to a tee (remember, no Lycra® back then)---
Lean-flattering---leather, silky jersey wool

Coon wanted a collection reflecting the poise and elegance of her mother...and the clean lines of the late 70's silhouettes---that we think are all derivatives of YSL.

In the run of show, the designer also cited Man Ray and Helmut Newton----both factors we saw in the quasi-presentation ... in the dark space The Box---

Terrific belted leather jacket

We noticed first off-the angular short cropped hair of the models---some with clip-in bangs swooping down to rakishly cover an eye----that reminded us more of the 60's then 70's Farah Fawcett hair...and is, we note---very similar to the designer's haircut.

The cool edgy and linear shaped clothes came in black, browns and a red palette...with great construction befits a former toiler of one of our fav, and we feel unappreciated designers, Camille Staerk.

This Chevron Print in earthy colors -lovely

Modern Victorian dress....

There were some feminine details---a bow here and there...

Nice back cut outs, and flattering belted waists...

A few outwear pieces with a downtown edgy look----we really liked---and wonder if the jackets are actually warm.

Loved the boots too and jewelry by MADE HER THINK for Mandy Coon

Our fav dress----curved hemline, back bow, sweet scooped neck

Special----Models strolled to music by Emilie Simon.