Monday, March 21, 2011



Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Ecco® -a Scandinavian footwear company-is gaining traction in the USA---led by it’s sporty/tech derived footwear, featuring “BIOM, natural motion style by ECCO®” kickers.

Set to launch as early as now…are new color waves for BIOM’s running shoes, introduced in 2008----

--- and BIOM TRAIN-shoes reconfigured for multi-functional purposes like gym workouts-

--- and for walking (BIOM WALK-July/August 2011)-with anatomical and flexible constructions that encourage the use of lower leg and foot muscles.

For runners---BIOM Run’s high performance, natural motion running shoes come in three levels for men and two for women, depending on expertise and pace…in mesh or long lasting YAK leather uppers.

All models boast a low profile, a mid foot arch element that supports without limiting, forefoot flex that provides better push-off, and the advanced direct injection construction for long lasting and “extremely accurate” support.

AND-just in case---the natural motion of running is similar to how the feet/legs would behave if running barefoot---

Is a smoother and more efficient way to run.

The Performance collection also includes technical and lifestyle boots---
Inuit-Stability and Support with Superior Cushioning 

What makes ECCO’s so special is the company’s know-how and how it owns its own factories –

A big deal-the took two years to study “Receptor Technology” that analyzes footsteps to the minutiae…and factors into all ECCO® offerings.


The Direct Injection Process-(DIP) that allows a liquid PU  material to be directly injected around the upper to create an anatomically correct midsole, shank  or outsole for increased comfort…

And a massage “WAVE” footbed that has moisture management properties too.

Styles we saw include the Mountain tough Terra VG Inuit boot with Hydromax® an ECCO proprietary treatment that keeps leather uppers soft/supple and functioning in wet conditions.

Multi-functional boots, ideal for après ski/off peak activities- (here, the feminine SIerra $225)---provide great traction and cozy fleece all the way inside the boot for excellent cold insulation and soles that grip in all conditions. Nice.

ECCO’s leisure collection also includes the multi-functional Montagna group ---that can cross over into citywear boots---that’s hard core 100% water poof. with excellent  grippy outsoles


We also saw several styles of low Hiker/all terrain boots, ideal for day jaunts---with fun color pops.

And everyday easy Mary Jane profiles (Sierra LS Costa) with a neoprene inside for a snug fit, nubuck or oiled suede uppers, and non-marking outsoles.
Sierra Telde, Costa

Terrain boots that are rugged and versatile can go from the mountain to city---we thought if we could only pack one hiking boot, these styles would work.

Comfortable and completely waterproof (Gore-Tex®) with outsoles made of ECCO Performance Rubber EPR 4.0- a proprietary rubber with superior grip on ice and wet surfaces technology –for lug soles.
Colorado GTX

Like Nike/Cole Haan---Ecco has an extensive lifestyle collection of casual and fashion footwear.

We focused on the latter and thought many of the Fall/Winter 2011 styles we saw very Euro-chic.

Of course these styles all have comfort as a mantra---here with quality leather or suede uppers, full leather linings and/or textile linings, that offer superior moisture management, and often with very eye-catching sculptural heels---covered in leather too.
Laurel $185 Rich and Classic Mid Boot

So suffering for some heel height is def. not necessary.
Jaffna $215

Full inside zips make easy on off for tall boots...Lulea Wedge (R $255)

Jaffna Tall Boot (Middle-$220)

The prices were very reasonable---we saw most pumps/booties and tall boots typically ranging from $130-$220

Hill Lace Boot $185

Clear Lace Boot