Thursday, March 24, 2011



Bergans of Norway is an iconic apparel/gear brand in its native country...highly regarded for it well made performance wear/outdoor attire.

Not just for racing, IMHO

It conjures up a cross between North Face and the premium label Canada Goose---both popular brands in NYC... but over in Oslo, Bergan, Norway etc-Bergans is truly the dominant collection for outerwear.

Recently (re?)introduced to the American market, we thought that the designs we saw last season offered superior element-tough separates---but that some of the details, particularly the oversized logo emblem would have to be tweaked for USA-ers.  We notice--- as we travel to European tradeshows and fashion events---a love of those logos across the Pond---akin to some of America's drool fest over the oversized Ralph Lauren Polo Player ---we feel THAT- really got dated, fast IMHO.

ANYWAY this outing, we saw plenty of items in Bergan's F/W 2011 we liked/loved---and thought would/ could do well at retail stores here...and not just the on trend ones...but the backbones of the outdoor industry...where it's all about the performance first.

Great for rainy/sleet days...or with base layers---for serious dips in the mercury

Only viewing a small portion of the offerings of this lifestyle brand, displayed at OR...we tried to focus in on the more fashion/urban looking pieces...that nonetheless are highly technical items. And are made from top-of-the line textiles/treatments that we come to expect at these price points

This could sell at REI or Bloomies---NICE

...We particularly liked the compressible down puffers in a super, trendy shiny---and highly water resistant outer shell---very lightweight, with 700-750 loft, DWR finish, removable hoods, and zips held flat by velcro for a clean profile---with a nice pop of color (red). It reminded us of some of the pricey Moncler pieces we have seen...that sell at full retail prices too.

Feminine lines in the different quilted areas...

We loved the vintage reference on these zip merino wool Lyderhorne sweaters ($275)...very hip.

Iconic cable knit wool...practical and with practical toggle closures and gently curvy hemlines make this more than a wear on weekend only casual piece---

Windproof and water resistant---these soft shells -in black/grey/brown- are urban perfect fashion/function.

zip hem ease of movement

Hood up or securely down via this velcro tab-thoughtful

Very warm---and without the bulk.

Highly waterproof and insulated with Primaloft®----versatility rules here--- with some jackets having a slightly longer back and drawstring waists---doing double duty work on the slopes, as well as off.

A fav the snap circular details, flattering silhouette--- yet this piece is ready for any white out conditions and wet snow sloshy mess-with style ---that will hold up better, no c doubt- than we will

Other really good looking examples---including the motorcross style Fagerfjell Lady ($215) pants, pictured below---made of stretch soft shell with padding in the knees---for skiing---or we think---just fine for apres too..

Prices for Bergan's are about $150 on up- for wools to high $300/low 400's's for techy coats/jackets---comparible with other high-end quality European brands.

Collars snap all the way up, fleece backed for comfort, roomy pockets---everyday staple