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Words/ Event Images Judith Ecochard
Product Images From Votre Vu

We recently attended a media event for the huge (really) skincare line, Votre Vu (loosely French for ‘Your You’).

Slotted as a luxury brand and priced (and packaged) similarly to Lançome, Votre Vu’s distribution MO is that of a direct sales model… like an upscale Avon.

When we first got an intro to the brand, about a year ago  ---at another event, we felt the emphasis was on the distribution end of things…

This time around, we got a chance to sample the products. After all, if the goodies don’t deliver as billed, who cares how it’s sold?


Formulated and manufactured by a family owned company based in Paris, Votre Vu women’s skincare targets four types of visages---normal to dry, sensitive, troubled (meaning oily/normal), and mature.

Under these broad categories there are a host of cleansers, tonics, and specific day and night cream and serum treatments to smooth, fortify and protect skin everywhere...face/body.

We tried out a few products…

Our favorite thing is the tonic---seriously. We already finished the sample we were given which was specifically the “FULL BENEFITS-Tonic For All Skin Types.” With a delicate (authentic, YES!) odor (from White Lilies---and usually we prefer fragrance free)--- the tonic is a top notch toner in that cleaned up all the makeup residues we always seem to have-acting as a gentle astringent…but amazingly, left our skin smooth, without drying (“essential waters”). ($25)

We also thought the packaging of the Luxe Lips (a nourishing moisturizer for the kissers), and Luxe Hand Crème (nourishing protective moisturizer with sunflower, grape seeds and jojoba oils)----all in a two-part “Duette” tube is genius. The top opens up with a built in mirror...very handy. A staple in our every day hauler, we think this is destined to be a best seller. ($38).

Another regular in our repetoire (gym bag) is the multi-tasking, vitamin enriched spray, L’amour D’ore. Functioning like a dry oil, in that it easily is absorbed by skin ---we spray it on our hands and then dab it on the ends of our hair, after a swim in the chlorine yech pool, and on our bare legs and arms as soon as we get out of the shower. Loaded with vitamin E, it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin…and it even works to smooth out the alligator dry parts of cracked heels and elbows.  If only room for one do-it-all product when on overseas jaunts... L’amour D’ore would be our choice as a must-have.($49)


“Jet. Set. Go”---the moniker of the men’s line…Pour Homme.

Packaged in duos, or sold separately, the three-product collection consists of Habitude (Men’s Daily Face Crème--a non-oily moisturizing protective SPF 15), Beau Baume (an “organic” Shave Balm with sweet almond oil that performs without lathering), and Formule 1 (Men’s 3-In-1 Hair, Face & Body Wash). ($35-$42).

The all in one cleanser is very handy, as it does it all. Our guy really liked how “clean” he felt after a serious workout---and the citrus scent…is masculine, not fruity. And it didn't dry out his hair either.


When we saw the ice filled glass vessel that contained samples of Les Sorbet, we thought to ourselves, only the French. Formulated with marine elastin, hydrolyzed collagen and vegetable peptides, (and delivered to customers via an ice pack), the innovative serum fights free radicals, known destroyers of youthful looking skin. Plus- Les Sorbet is billed as encouraging the renewal of cells, as well as acting as a gentle toner. Apparently results are instantaneous…and accumulative too. We thought: cool. ($165).

CODA: Votre Vu, though botanically based and “natural”… does use ingredients like parabens and preservatives…and does so because “…(they) are used only as necessary to prevent the growth of microorganisms that would otherwise damage our products or render them unsafe.”

Company founder, Harold Zimmerman ---Chairman&CEO (and smart/super nice)


SnapDragon...a vitamin packed energy drink that actually tastes and smells good---- and is low in calories too! Post work out perfect.