Friday, April 9, 2010



Words/Images Judith Ecochard/LYRAMAG

Jason Wu

...the young designer that soared to fame courtesy of Michelle Obama (and her fabulous first night attire as First Lady in the acclaimed one shoulder chiffon knockout---  now on exhibit)… got the excited fashionista masses over to the Chelsea Art District on dreary winter day.

His capsule collection of 13 looks, has garnered a lot of ink…and we join the chorus of “Yeahs.”

Yin/Yang was what came to mind as the textural interplays and proportion contrasts (a delicate white silk chiffon pleated underskirt under a black double face cashmere wool dress…ie) 

....and architectural/sculptural shapes were really stunning. 

And sure to sell really well.

The earthy and cool neutral tones and “uneven textures”  were inspired by the monochromatic  canvases by American Conceptual artist Robert Ryman  …

And indeed, “wearable works of art” is an apt expression for the Spackle, poured paint details that came to life on dresses and a canvas tee...that reminded us of 60's Color Field artists

With an acknowledgement of the cold, there were also some chunky knit wools too ---but always flattering ---with the interplay of “positive “ and negative space” via interchangeable separates.

Lucky us, we had a Tse sales person guide us through the TSE Collection masterfully crafted by staff designers Dushane Noble and Jessica Groom. We thought these luxurious knits , according to the run of show “inspired by the minimalism of the 1980’s"…(a decade we thought was highlighted by excess?!?)…are absolutely yummy.

Solid colors--- including charcoal, 


----naval blue are autumnal perfect. What was truly outstanding though are the rich unique materials used…and the unique woven patterns that frankly, no one else has. Feminine too---with subtle shapes that follow the body as well as keep it warm.

Details like hand applied translucent beads, alpaca fibers, lush filament yarns…really make this TSE Collection a forever classic one…especially our favorite silhouette…this Charcoal/Tweed Turtleneck Cape over  a "Foam Melange/Foam Dress" and black cashmere silk ribbed leggings.

We thought it all terrific…and received many texts form colleagues not to miss…DUH.

ADDED PLUS: Shoes by the Italian Maestro GIANVITO ROSSI. Visits to his boutiques in Milan and Paris...on our list!