Thursday, April 8, 2010



Penthouse, Hudson Hotel West 58th Street, NYC 

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

Talika Paris is a plant based, upscale skincare collection ---and the real pioneer in natural treatment for longer lashes.

In fact, the founder, a young Doctor Danielle Roches ---made the happy discovery that her plant based cream formula to treat Word War II victims for third-degree burns…helped her patients eyelashes grow. (And we faithfully use the EYELASH GROWTH CREAM- BTW).

And a business was born “depuis 1948.”

Yesterday, we had the pleasure to sit in on a presentation by current managing director- Alexis de Brosses…who expertly gave us the inside scoop on what Talika’s research has in store (Sephora exclusively)--- for customers beginning in June.

Today, we are coming back to the origin of the brand…the lashes,” de Brosses began.

And now with the introduction of Lipocils Expert®…(an amped up version of the original clear and odor free Lipocils gel that one applies like masacara)…users can have darker, curlier, and longer lashes with two times daily application for the first 28 days…and then a maintenance regime of around four times/week.

Specifically, the applicator and formulation are brand new.

A spongy tip at the end of what resembles a mascara wand--- is how one applies the formula, made with an anti-aging peptide and 12 plant extracts including nettle, hamamelis, baobob leaf and bitter orange fruit…along the roots of the lid…like eyeliner…”to protect and strengthen the epidermis around the lashes’ root.”

 Then the brush wand applies the formula to the lashes themselves…as a primer under mascara (for the day)…and at night to condition.

Talinka’s own tests of volunteers who used the new Lipocils Expert® to one eyelash (and a dupe formula to the other…though they did not know which was which…)…saw spectacular results.

Lash lengths alone averaged an increase of 2.4 mm or 36% longer in length. 

What amazed us was that the clinical trial showed an increase in color (dark) by 50%...a very big deal as lashes tend to lighten as one ages, let alone those with blonde eyelashes to begin with. How…via “forskholii…a plant that stimulates melanin (color) in lashes. WOW.

Silk proteins nourish the lashes (like the original Lipocils)…and there is actually a UV filter to protect against sun damage. Definitely, a first.

Amazingly, a tube costs only $55…and should last close to three months if used as mentioned prior. This is significantly less than most lash treatment products on the market.

And certainly different than other lash products on the market…as that the lashes are also curlier ---“a 50% improvement” if applied as directed.

Which is ironic since Talika also makes a fabulous heated eyelash curler too.

AND one can use on the lower lashes too…though we think most women will only use on the upper lashes for a youthful lifting effect.