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Men's Frye

Words/Images Judith Ecochard/

pocket satchel

Whoa--- our first thought as we walked into the editorial preview for the Frye? We wanted it all.

As a historic brand, refreshed for the 21st century, Frye retains the signature materials (pebble and smooth full grained leather…and the embossed icon), the comfort of wear right out of the box peds, and the famed quality construction.
riding shoulder tote

PLUS…this outing mixed things up a bit different materials and embellishments.

vintage stud tote

We didn’t even wait for a staff member to take us around… we just started snapping away.

pocket satchel

           pocket tote

Still, to get a breakdown on the major themes, we got the lowdown on the merchandising from a Frye employee…and of course, they presented the collection like no other.
 twisted satchel with styles like erin chukka, erin chelsea with suede

Frankly, there are so many fab styles to choose from, we hope retailers have the same in-depth knowledge of their customers as Frye-ers do of their skus.

Back to Frye’s roots,” is a general theme for Fall 2010…

...though we never thought the design team, led by the gracious and busy (talented) Michael Petry-ever went  astray from the archival goodies that contain the heritage that dates back to Civil War times.

For the editorial previews, Frye laid out the displays by theme…as in several collections within a collection.

popular=burnished antique leather finish

twisted hobo bag

First up is the most iconic selections that “relives the classics with new leathers and details.” This grouping included variations on heels and flats.

....PLUS---every which way possible profiles of the classic Campus and Engineer boots.

engineer 12R-wool/full pebble grain leather
There is a whole entire section devoted to all things Clogs, a style that goes in and out of favor…but we find are also the easiest styles to wear…and if possible, even more durable than other kickers that we tend to destroy by walking around so much.

“These are big sellers,” we learned…and “there is a clog for every woman….

studded clogs

Studs…and pique stitches are fresh updates.

White wash wall…contains the two biggies…the Carson and the Rider. Though these two styles come in many color waves, the White Wash is BIG and “gives it an edge.”

The Carson…around for several seasons…also comes in a short version, and Frye puts a harness on it…

We love…the over the knee versions of various boots that we feel is going to really play out in areas of the country that missed out last season...

sarah inside zip

Plus,  a tapered toe with a European feel (tall and short versions).

The Platform section offered pumps and oxfords…with height courtesy of hidden and stacked platforms.

Like fashion, menswear/mens footwear inspires ladies’ peds…

Here, we like the Hiker… in fall shades.

logger/hiker/combat kickers for gals

Studs…are a detail that played big on the Daisy Duke Billy model---

----has spawned it’s own assortment, A lot of these metal embellishments are done by hand…we love this in a vintage distressed leather.

demi studded short & tall

Plus these modern edgy group…we feel are destined for hipsters that will give double takes when informed ‘it’s Frye.” Except of course the quality is second to none. Bold zippers and more hardware...but still with the brand's DNA.

danika piping

harness, studs, zippers=edgy elegance

Other hand made flourishes are in the Handicrafts group…with hand braided, and lace-ups...

whipstitch tote

...and vegetable stained shoes…for a rich patina in colors like brown, charcoal, and red Bordeaux.

As always, the riding /equestrian long and short profiles are popular classics…and with matching bags too. 

Multi-Straps...graceful slim profiles to wear with dresses and denim.

shane layered cross

dannika three strap

There is an entire Western Wall….that includes variations of the Billy.

Mixed materials…wool and full pebble grain leather.
veronica slouch


MOST STRIKING: The Pony collection… ships late Fall 2010…and seems to invoke a luxury twist to the brand.


We barely had time for the guy end of all things…but as always, the motorcycle/motorcross, hiker, logger and work ...

(Engineer) boots are still the key trends.

philip harness

For Fall 2010, there’s a “bump up” with more details… that are timeless.

Waxed leather lace ups get brushed out for a terrific looking finish.

justin low laces

Classic loafers and wingtips are refreshed…with rich burnished patinas.


Love the roughed up textures…

Men's Core Vintage Leather styles are best sellers...casual enough for weekends --- snappy smart enough for an office.

wingtip oxfords

wingtips, penny loafers




deena harness tall

julia lace-up in smooth grain leather

ONLY ONE BUMMER: We loved the Tatoo collection we saw at the last preview…and though it did not go into production, we are hopeful that efforts to whine, beg, and cajole will turn up a pair or two…FOR US.

pocket tote
heath piping back zip

pocket hobo