Monday, July 18, 2011


Royal Norwegian Consulate General's Residence, NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

MADE WITH LOVE ---in every suit

Mets owner Fred Wilpon's loss (he linked with that SEC missed, ginormous financial pyramid scheme mess)--- is Norway's gain,
Walk into the apartment and see this...nice even on a gloomy day, clutter free too.

---residentially speaking---and so we couldn't think of a better midtown setting than this glorious two-story penthouse for a casual gathering of media types and Norwegian consulate staff members (many thanks to Sissel Breie, Consulate General and smart smart smart  lady)---
Norway's Consulate General Sissel Breie and Moods of Norway's Stefan Dahlkvist Co-founder and Pesident-we'd love to earn a spot on her go-to guest list-what a terrific host.

 ---to preview the apparently, fully complete lifestyle brand Moods of Norway...

AND the brand's menswear -for Spring/Summer 2012----that is currently making the rounds of all the major menswear tradeshows. Listen up store owners---all you need are in-store appearances and this'll sell. Trust us.
Sunny hues for Spring 2012 sportswear/casual wear---that are actually rather elegant enough for those posh resort parties when a faded tee and cargo shorts just won't do no matter how wealthy you are.

Founded by a duo-Simen Staainacke and  Peder Børresen on a margarita fueled jaunt to Hawaii...soon joined by Stefan Dahlkvist---the 'party-on' vibe ---cleverly apparent in the hang tags, margarita glass silhouettes, perfectly tailored---in super bold colors-lining and fabrications...typical of those countries that live half the year with a lot less sun then ideal...
Stefan and Simen look like a million bucks but are probably worth more as the Norwegian Kroner is stronger than the USA currency (yeah, oil flowin') and Norway is not part of the European Union-therefore not bailing out any country

Tongue in cheek commentary everywhere---even on the Moods of Norway branded glass frames,

----requisite waffle maker (a staple in every Scandinavian home -we know-we've spent serious time there---and Grandma's waffle mix "that's Grandpa's approved"...we want!!!)

Yummy waffles in the shape of a Massey-Ferguson Agricultural Tractor

This waffle maker will totally match up with our Hello Kitty toaster

And requisite matchy match up punched out suede oxfords, drive mocs, boat shoes, chukka---etc.

Pink and bright turquoise suede---and the neutrals in a classic wing-tip style oxford

Slip-on shoes in leather are rather handsome and don't break the bank

Nautically inspired lifestyle sneakers/boat shoes---love white rubber outsoles

BUT---we don't doubt for a nano second the smarts of how these three young gents-turned their collection of vintage clothes sold in their homeland ---brought from the 50th state to enter the USA---into a viable business---now boasting a team of 24 designers.
Vintage print inspired a casual blazer that can be spiffed up for evening wear.

SPRING/SUMMER 2012 Picnic Society

Part Palm Springs/Palm Beach patio/pool perfect-with hints of that vintage swagger we associate with the Rat Pack-Frank and Dean--- or George and Brad,
Comfy cotton cable knit v-neck with plaid---we wonder how well that over-sized logo will sell here in the lower 48 though

Great v-necks in assorted colors-our top pick this terrific blue

knit wool sweater with a take on the classic Norwegian designs fused with Moods of Norway margarita glass 

Play ball with this collegiate varsity style jacket-with authentic ribbed cuffs---though Americans would need to embrace the label before sportin' this logo instead of the home teams. IMHO...we love though---gals would.

Part collegiate, part preppy casual wear...

Handsome blue suit -quality mixed lightweight wool year round three pieces-vest can be worn separate with jeans...

Nice detail the tractor pin on this clean, crisp pin-stripped suit

Part summery office appropriate (pinstripes, subtle plaids)--- as an alternative to the somber colors that dominate menswear here in the USA---a whole separate rack dedicated just to that....

Every suit has this level on detailed lining

Lining is so fabulous it could almost be a reversible jacket

---the very accessibly priced (really unreal given the quality!!! ---the glam lined blazers top out at $350) ---wowed the media types we spoke with.

THE FAV: this coral blazer...with details that show off the exact number of registered old Massey-Furgeson agricultural trucks--- are a signature sighting and symbol of rural Norway...and hence an emblem of the label.

jacket sleeve with the number of registered tractors as logo

Other Dandy offerings...included 3 piece short suits...

Attitude needed to pull this 3 piece plaid short suit off---and the lean only need apply

NOT THERE AT THE PREVIEW: Women's wear, skiwear, watches-and shoes-the full line-up, and of course the Moods of Norway ski Norway.

Solid metal watch has heft and the Moods of Norway MO inscribed

FYI: The soundtracks were bumpin' but through our brain cells was the REM ditty-Shiny, Happy People

Norwegians by and large speak better grammatically correct, understandable (not Scottish)--the King's English-better than we do. When over there-we found all Nordic residents did---Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland---English is often how they communicate with each other.

And once again, we were reminded how good looking Norwegians are because the Vikings killed off the ugly ones.


Love this bleu de travail button down

Ready for the conservative business types who has a few secrets up (or in) his sleeve.