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March 12, 2009

Words Judith Ecochard

Images courtesy of company websites

We are sooooooo envious of one of our nephews---who is on a plane at this very moment---off to Aruba for Spring Break.

Not that hard working college students don’t deserve a break. Ha Ha.

It got us thinking about sun protection (especially since the family skews fair skin and blue eyes)…and on a day when we were saddened to read about one of our favorite columnists, Braden Keil (53 years old!!!!!!), the longtime Real Estate scribe from the New York Post, tragically losing his battle against the skin cancer, melanoma.

One of the better no brainer solutions to the dilemma of applying sunscreen, or reapplying (when?) is solved by the clever folks at Solar Safe…a company dedicated to
monitoring our bod’s exposure to UV rays through a patented easy to wear wristband.

The plastic-ey waterproof wristbands – (come seven to a pack), easily snap on and are activated by exposing to direct sunlight. Turning a fetching purple, one applies sunscreen over it the same way one slathers the stuff allover---and then when the band’s color changes---it’s time to reapply. Importantly, we can go in and out of the sun, say an indoor moment for lunch…and “and this will not affect the performance of the band. The band has a memory, which will automatically resume from the point of departure once exposed to the sun. Always read the band's color indications when in direct sun, however, as a fading of the color occurs when out of direct sunlight.”


INFO: Available online at:


As recent converts to the surfing lifestyle (okay, really aspiring)…we are hardly able to reapply sunscreen due to the inordinate amount of time we spend in the water after wipeouts.

Fortunately, Protection Zone™ makes a line of beach and board walk worthy (stylish) men’s and women’s long and short sleeve rash guards tops (SunSkinz), and unisex fitted zipped jackets – coined Duck Skinz (price ranges $35-$70)- that unbelievably offer 100 S.P.F. protection, a measuring stick we’re familiar with….and a U.P.F. of 50+---an Australian term that ranks fabrics’ protection level…. against the sun’s damaging rays.

We actually found the tightly woven top we have to be amazingly lightweight…and as comfy as an old tee…but better as it dries quickly and stands up to douses of chlorine and salt water.

Better yet, it’s another way to extend our time outdoors without having to worry about getting burnt to a crisp in hard to reach skin areas. Plus, we prefer this chemical free approach to sun protection anyway.

PLUS: Children's wear and hats are also available.