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NEW: Eats, Treats Sips-Healthier Trends Part 2

NYC: Editor Showcase Highlights:

Part One

We live in a snack attack country---on the go nibbles between meals-or worthy substitutes replacing sit-down meals -especially for the half of Americans that live alone...convenient and portable for a nation on the go.

FUN-Disney Foodles...Mickey's famous head/ears-shapes the 5oz snacktime treats-4 combos

Even a casual observer of grocery outlets will notice the healthier options of prepared foods-single portion snacks  eating up more shelf space.

From Crunch Pak®...packaging for the kids --and young at heart...single serve mix-ups of crunchy snacks, dips (Dipperz), cheese and it's core goody-sweet apples or crisp carrots=quick meals - tasty treats that serve up some balanced nutrition less all the sugar.

THE Beef Jerky trend- continues-  with the gluten free, Paleo, and healthier snack loving populace-since we wrote about the high protein less additives trend -bubbling up-at first- in the outdoors-endurance athletic marketplace...

New to us LORISSA'S KITCHEN adds edgy spiced up -and Asian ethnic flavors --- to four winning assortment of these popular protein chews---made of beef, chicken or pork. Antibiotic-free, and also FREE of MSG, nitrites, preservatives or added growth hormones...
Launching nationwide Lorissa's Kitchen's four flavors-all got two thumbs up from guys we hike with-also noted the sodium content

Plant based proteins and a crunch snack that rivals potato chips in the satisfying crispy eats category. What a win win for SAFFRON ROAD...using USDA Organic chickpeas, Non-GMO and free of nasty ingredients. Positively inhale-able flavor options, great for vegans- widely available...including our fav...the Sea Salt one.
Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas...served in a big bowl YUMMY-this is a great party pleaser...with nutritious benefits too. Addictive-you've been warned.

Saffron Road makes six spicy flavors of Non-GMO verified,  organic chickpea treats-in addition to a wide range of other food products.

Nutritious freezer pops made from fruits and/or vegetables was something we saw all over the recent Fancy Food Show.  Personally verified delicious-the WHOLE FRUIT Frozen Juice tubes-organic versions=  sticky-free, portable option (kudos to the packaging), made from 90% organic juice.Bonus points, fat free, 60 calories per, and now widely available including club pack size at Costco's and Sam's Club.

Organic Whole Fruit-USDA Certified Organic, has no GMOs, HFCS, dairy or gluten-ideal cooler for a hot day,...four flavors-each having organic apple juice from concentrate as main ingredient...

Ignoring the swap of lawsuits in this food category...the focus on Greek Yogurt for most of us is on how American tastebuds are increasingly choosing this version over the regular kind of yogurt-because it delivers a creamier, richer, taste-imo. Snack cup sizes- that are well sealed -with added crunchy ingredients---from several companies including YOPLAIT®...are worthy/satisfying substitutes to sweet but empty calorie laden snacks and even work as a dessert too.
Yoplait's PLENTI™ healthy take on Greek Yogurt- two product lines including this winner...  added protein and fiber-from Flax+Pumpkin seeds, Whole Grain oats, and fruits like Black Cherry. Pleasing swirl of smooth and crunchy! Ten flavors in all.