Sunday, March 20, 2016


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You are what you eat...and the planet ends up what it is- after what you eat too.

The negative effects of eating healthy -well that certainly happens when it comes to over fishing...with a taste for certain species resulting in disastrous, unsustainable ways of fulfilling those consumer tastes (think Bluefin Tuna or the ubiquitous ingredient*--- palm oil and palm kernel oil-the demand for which is causing massive deforestation in the tropics.).
Monterey Bay Aquarium's influential Seafood Watch List include downloadable guides by state and sushi app for tasty+sustainable eating. Australis Barramundi is recommended as healthy+sustainably sourced. WIN WIN
 Bonus points to all the foodies and influential celebrity chefs that are onboard with eating well and eating well for the planet...including new to our tastebuds Australis Barramundi-a mild flavored,  buttery moist, meaty texture fish ("think snapper crossed with striped bass or halibut")... that is available fresh or frozen in the USA. FYI- farmed in 100% saltwater-the fully traceable Australis Burramundi contains no hormones, colorants, antibiotics, or other additives...

We tried a bite...and it was terrific-with a whopping 600-800mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per 5oz serving and clocking in at 137 calories too, low in sodium and 25-28grams of lean protein. Impressive. Widely available-at discount big box and more traditional grocery stores alike.

*Even certified sustainably sourced palm oil is not guaranteed to be deforestation free....avoiding any food, cosmetic, soap, body care products with that ingredient on the list...which is EVEN in the mix of so-called healthy foods, is not as easy as one might think.

Live culture and yeasts  that are good for you---slaying the bad for you ones inside your body...and maybe even helping out on other ailments like skin conditions, allergies, and colds.
five flavors-naturally fermented cabbage=fresh, non-pasteurized, vegan and gluten-free kraut gone sophisticated in these cool pouches that are BONUS POINTS FREE OF BPA, PVC plasticizer, and Phthalate-free.
USA-ers embracing ethnic eats =not new...but delicious spiced-up kraut dishes- fermented cabbage-  that's naturally blessed with probiotics (and Vitamin K, fiber, folate, isothiocyanates cancer fighters zinc and other minerals)...and USDA to us. Farmhouse Culture-are sophisticated eats...def. well packaged and tasty accents to an entree or as crunchy addition atop salad, sandwiches...or that baseball park staple, hot-dogs.

Lifeway Kefir-is a staple in our fridge...even though we rarely have dairy-we take a swig of this creamy beverage everyday...for our daily dose of probiotics (our fav is Organic Helios version).
NEW-shelf pretty bottles designed by fashion designer Cynthia avid surfer/yoga gal who met up with a Lifeway power that be-out on Long Island's East End...resulting in a snazzy collab- florals and fresh flavors. Nice.

What Else:
Just Thrive™ Probiotic & Antioxidant supplements are on the pricey side...but the patented strain Bacillus Indicus HU36 found in its capsules has been 'clinically proven' to deliver important levels of key antioxidants in the body's intestines(!) and its proprietary probiotic blend is more potent than other popular sources of this key nutritional must (aids digestion, supports immune system ...and even may help ward off extra pounds)...for as we learned---efficacy of supplements' absorption matters...with the good stuff not being killed off through stomach's gastric system.
Just Thrive™is gluten and dairy free, vegan, without binders, fillers, soy, artificial colors or flavors.