Tuesday, March 1, 2016



Much has been made of the neck down tune-up-as part of New Year's resolutions...while warmer temps-longer daylight hours has the focus shifting upwards- on neck up 'fitness' goals...now that we're not hiding behind scarves, knit hats, and winter jackets-zipped up high.

Though real changes in skin texture and tone from OTC (non prescription) products takes a few weeks (at least)...there are plenty of goodies that subtly- visibly improve skin texture, tone and overall appearance -right away- temporarily and even more- over time.

Primers -serum blurring skin treatments help temporarily fill in minor wrinkles, and pores ---and are musts for camera wielding selfie types....but with consumers looking for value-multi-tasking skincare, beefed up ingredients in the mix are making these make-up preppers- treatment products too.

For 2x every day:

Happy night for us-at a recent Cosmetic Executive Women's event-Sephora big seller Algenist-a San Fran company-showed off their best-selling Power Advanced Wrinkle Fighter Serum. IMO-already scoring major bonus points--- formulated without no-nos like Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan...the whitish -liquid-y -good for all skin types including sensitive/ethnic groups...is jamming with patented Alguronic Acid (made from red hot aka buzzed about -proven skin care ingredient micro algae that's environmentally sustainably harvested-important -given shortages for this kind of ingredient that we've read about), Algae extract and a Peptide 3D complex... powerful regenerative compounds that with 2x a day usage...lessen deep wrinkles, improve skin texture-for a smoother -brighter glow-starting in 10 days.

Cleansed skin ready, this rapidly sink into the skin serum goes on prior to sunscreen, moisturizers or the brand's own treatment worthy REVEAL concealer/foundation. Another major bonus point---we even were able to the Power Advanced Wrinkle Fighter Serum apply right above and below our beyond sensitive-thinner skin eye area without any irritation-even though it is scented-and love this product accordingly. FYI-unbeknowest prior-comes with a pump delivery system option too...tad easier imo than one pictured.

handy-see through window - with regular 2x use -we can see this lasting us a few months...top though- have to pump it a bunch of times to get enough to spread neck-face-about a quarter size. Tough to use...(updated info) actually came apart...ended up sometimes banging the bottle against our palm...prefer not to expose powerful ingredients to light -air? Def opt for a pump option.
 For 1x every day:
New to us- UK based cult fav, Studio  10 Miracle Effect Priming Serum combines scientific and botanically sourced,  anti-aging performance ingredients that help skin retain its moisture (proven multi-tasking hyaluronic acid-a gel like water holding molecule, 99% Type 1 Collagen), skin smoother/depuffers-Argan Oil and caffeine, anti-inflammatory extracts and known free radical slayers-pollution fighters  (Green Teas, Calendula, Butcher's Broom Shrub, Indian Pennywort)-all combined into a rapidly absorbed serum that is good for all skin types.

We tried it after a drying pool session and noticed the moisturizing effects immediately---and appreciated how rapidly absorbing the Miracle Effect Priming Serum is-a worthy skin prep for a layer of tinted sunscreen we slathered on next. Reportedly over a 6 week period of regular use - age spots - uneven pigmentation, and fine lines/wrinkles are noticeably reduced. Win win. (Available across the Pond on www.joyus.com)

For 3x a week:

About a year ago-we demo-ed a great skin product-that never came to market -but one we really really liked...so when Exuviance intro-ed their Bionic Oxygen Facial-which is a similar concept-we were already onboard!

What it is = a unique way to bolster the skin's radiance with unique sensory way of delivering oxygen...precisely via a pleasing foamy from liquidy gel transformation... that does not dry skin out.

easy to use pump bottle...
How to use...apply to clean -slightly damp facial skin (recommended use is 3-4x week-good for after at home peel use too)---2-4 pumps does it- massage on avoiding eye area-turns into a foamy tingly sensation...can practically hear it changing textures...leave on about five minutes (do other stuff like drink AM coffee) then rinse off. Unlike quick rinse off cleansers-the key ingredients onboard here including the brand's patented anti-aging, bionic acid/PHA blend with a conditioning polymer that softens, hydrates and releases oxygen...actually has time to sink into skin so as to be really effective.