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Healthier Habits-New Trends = Eats, Treats, Sips

Functional Ingredients-Editor Showcase Highlights, NYC

Americans are eating differently ---out with the heavy carb loaded-chemically loaded foods of years past-a little late imo given our increasingly screen focused-non manual labor way of life...

Functional ingredients, transparency where the products were sourced/made, food safety, and better snacks-convenience foods, portion control and beneficial drinks/supplements...just some of the highlights in a focused Editor Showcase on Health and Nutrition.


Heavy carbs may be out...but better whole grain offerings and non-GMO products are increasingly a part of just about everyone's diet.
Wonder where white bread went? The American classic sandwich staple from Dave's Killer Bread is made from non-GMO wheat, is USDA Organic-in our opinion-the gold standard for healthy ingredients...and no junk like high fructose corn syrup, preservative, use of whole grains for meaningful 10g fiber, and even 3g protein! 

Mainstream companies are increasingly offering consumers more and more what they want- (better tasting breads) or don't want to eat (no artificial flavors/colors or high fructose corn syrup)...from Sara Lee-Artesano style bread-tad more softer texture-richer taste and thicker sliced- than white breads-with 3grams protein/100 calorie per slice.
April is Grilled Cheese Month-All American bites-include these grilled pesto cheese tomato bites on Artesano Bread.

Moms' started!!! Among Friends baking mixes-mouth watering, kid approved cookies in cookie, brownie, cake and  breakfast ready pancake, cornbread +waffle mixes...Gluten-Free, Non-GMO certified whole grain based treats -with real fiber in each bite via ingredients like Sorghum flour, and sweetened with primo Callebaut chocolate chips (Alec's Awesomely Fudgy Brownie Mix). #HomemadeWithoutTheHassle. 

excited to see these-a new food direction from BOULDER alternative to starches-like rice...GRAIN FREE shredded vegetables similar texture and cooking properties-with more nutrients, fiber and less calories. WIN WIN. Since we are too lazy to use a food processor -these convenient  products- that haven't hit the market yet-will be a bonus for those looking for healthy-tasty alternatives to high glycemic carbs.
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