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MakeUp in New York New Cosmetics/Trends Part 2


Going to makeup trade shows  clues us in as to how such diverse value retailers such as CVS and Carrefour (in France)-to primo priced fashion designers, makeup tools (Japonesque), celebs in cahoots with discounters (Flower's Drew Barrymore-Walmart)--- and respected makeup artists with a following--- but without established labs- production facilities can conjure up cutting edge, desirable cosmetics.

At the most recent MakeUp in New York…we were really impressed with this stand alone or mix-up with product… by the Cosmetic Group, USA, Inc.

A high pigment metallic gel shadow-that really, really does not crease…due to its 70% water composition-that has a pleasing cool to the touch application.

We have found that a lot of intense color cream shadows---and there are plenty now that are retailed-including (especially) the long wearing ones- ----in fact do crease up after about an hour or so-maybe too waxy in composition-and it ACTUALLY ages our eyelids older…!

Super impressive- the gold metallic tone we got a sample of- can mix with a bit of gel bronzer, liquid foundation, or lip gloss---for some sparkle. Expect to see this offered by several makeup brands next year.

Makeup artist Jody Formica never had a nano-second-using sponsor cosmetics to get gals all glammy. Taking about 30-40 minutes per-we were so impressed how each subtle dab of something-yielded results…whether making blue eyes bluer---or sculpting cheekbones on those with kinda flat faces.  
serious makeup kit---sponsors-ABC Texture, Alkos Group, Anisa Int'l, B.Kolormakeup&Skincare SRL, Cosmetic Group, CSR Cosmetic Solutions, Columbia Cosmetics, Confalioneri Matite, Faber-Castell Cosmetics, Gi Picco's Cosmetics, Orlandi, Oxygen Development, Pennelli Faro SRL

Oddly enough-we always thought all the alphabet doubles- skin treatments ('BB', "CC' etc.) that are the makeup rage in the Western world- replacing foundations/sunscreens/primers--- -got their monikers because its easier to say just two letters in the English language by Asians who got the multi-taskers going...

Whatever---with now DD and EE formulas being launched…it is def. becoming a worldwide marketing thing---but IMO-with real value…for the targeted markets.

The South Korean based COSMECCA had display cases full of all their best selling BB/CC formulas …probably just a sliver of the company's functional cosmetics--- made for cosmetic labels---including  highly acclaimed premium priced compact versions -crafted for the cult names.

We got curious about the offering of a popular Korean brand Tony Moly-and its multi-tasking BCDNation. The brand-(Tony -English for nice appearance, Moly-Japanese for flourishing) has cutesy packaged makeup sold here---on e-commerce sites of Urban Outfitters and Amazon (mass-masstige prices)…but not widely available- this wonderful creamy foundation type of SPF30+ product-which offers more coverage than a typical BB cream. Official two thumbs up!

As packaging is part of this tradeshow---it was a lovely reminder of what the possibilities could be-when seeing what was-for cosmetics- from the 18th century to the present.

Preciously displayed under glass… this historical exhibition of "praise for complexion" objects -hosted by MakeUp in New York---had rare powder boxes and compacts from expert/collectors Jean-Marie Martin Hattermberg and Anne Camilli.

a tradition-we hope gets re-visited…iconic landmarks and occasions…so much better than a souvenir tee shirt!
rotary dial telephones -compacts-for the generations that will never experience one


A reception at the historic New York Athletic Club …supported by Cosmetic Industry Buyers and Suppliers (CIBS)…with remarks by L'Oreal Executive Team Members- Stéphanie Martins and  Andy Corlett -highlighting the company's western hemisphere's organizational set-up--- and its willingness to look and work outside the box of the corporation's in-house divisions- with attendees (sub-contractors and suppliers)-to increase product offerings and to be reactively nimble-in a fast moving, trend driven, competitive market that sees small brands without all the chains of commands and with "non-traditional launch processes"----including social media---become 'overnight' best-sellers. (IMO-often resulting in being bought over by corporate giants). 

Students from SUNY's FIT -present an interpretation of "PINK"…we ran into these gals on the subway platform afterwards --and the glorious makeup that all had on-in shades flaunting pastel pinks to deeper fuscia-magenta. Naturally-being NYC---no one batted an eye at these dramatic looks,

Non USA run trade shows really take care of who shows up---with beverages, lunch and afternoon ice-cream. So civilized.

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