Friday, September 26, 2014

MakeUP in New York: Packaging Highlights

Makeup/grooming packaging-like perfume/cologne - has insta- shelf appeal…for consumers who may not even have an understanding of what's inside beyond the brand's identity-captured in the visual message the 'vehicle' displays-or emotes…via shape, weight, color, texture-and the label.

And from what we could see in a mere few hours-the customization options result in great designs ---available worldwide. It's fascinating -seeing the innovative backbone of an industry where packaging is key.

Some highlights:
Bottle coatings----the variety of colors and textures are magical and seemingly endless for customization. We thought this beautiful metallic spray coating on LUMSON's glass bottle very luxurious...inner sprays-lacquering in glass bottles ---a very upscale finish.

comes apart for recycling-we find European  companies more attune to that, in general…exceptions are USA brands with strong 'green' DNA---but imo-not the majority of makeup consumer's request eco packaging solutions on this side of the Pond. Lumson's-made from PET (pictured)
Fairly obsessed with this…and no doubt will see a masstige-premium brands adopt  APP: AIRLESS PLASTIC PACKAGING with -P Colors--- as eye candy as nail art ---in acid bold colors. Airless is the only way to sell a cream or liquid that goes on the skin, really---and this inner pouch deflates ever so slowly with each pump/dose- and lets consumers see-in a manner of speaking-what's left. Because not getting to the last drop is annoying. Lumson delivers super fun visuals!!!!!

this sales rep super nice-from Barça -so naturally Messi got in the convo
From A.B.A. Packaging Corporation…airless lipstick…sensuous shape….ideal for precise lipstick application.

OKEAbeauty  2 component Bi-Injection Blow Molded Bottle
patent pending-little window reveals color of the contents---great for those liquid eyeshadows, or lip glosses. UV protected contents  too

a MUST for skin care creams in a jar with a lid-A.B.A. has an airless alternative-press the top for single dose without risking contamination…otherwise what is the point of paying for all those ingredients…once exposed to oxygen. 

SAMPAR day cream moisturizer-a French brand ---we have had this for about 2 years….similar system.

Luxury packaging…is beginning to include aluminum-beyond men's grooming products- with shape, size, printing/stamping options by A.B.A. …that reminds us of what the outdoors industry delivers via liquid containers too-including a fav-Liberty Bottleworks (made in the USA too).
Mascara tubes---are getting as sculptural as perfume bottles

FUSIONPKG™-we didn't chit chat with anyone but the company certainly puts out the welcome mat for social media connections-something B to B companies in this biz will do more of. IMO.

Pictured: Tube based tip options by Fusion: Rollerball, (so popular for under-eye), Soft Slope, Pro Tip…and social media campaign. This company has a lot of major clients known  for their cutting edge 'stuff'
Fusion Packaging-Stylo tips deliver in precise doses…keep it all airtight and don't clog…very sleek


Birchbox (who now has a brick-mortar space down in SOHO selling full size products)--- and the proliferating number of sample subscriptions in the USA and elsewhere --- does drive sales of full size products…so we were told.

The result-a  booming business of unit dose packaging…joining the giveaways distributed through typical channels of yesteryear and today.

From Livcer---sample packs are a product's packaging's version of icing on the cake -naturally fulfilling requirements of preserving the ingredients of what's inside from contamination-and easy accessibility/convenince.

All samples pictured here perfectly capture the brand's identity-imo---on a design level---AND caught our our eyeballs right away.
Whether makeup, skin or hair care care product (bottom shelf), or perfume---Livcer delivers creative packaging solutions for its wide variety of customers.
LOVE to see-more re-sealable sampling options, and more eco components-materials used from post consumer recycled sources, …and at least where we live-unless we tore it apart-we can not recycle unit dose packaging, generally speaking and doubt the materials are bio-degradable either. It's time.

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