Saturday, November 9, 2013

ATHLETE GAL'S Guide to Beauty/Skincare/Haircare Part 2

Numero uno must wear (after sunscreen) -and sometimes 'that's it'--- is concealer. YSL Touché Eclat ($40) and  Clé de Peau's concealer ($68) got/gets so much press- we bought them to try out. Okay-both are throughly decent products but really, for everyday- the cult fav Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer $39-that is creamy but not greasy-and on occasion, used as a foundation, gets the nod. Also getting used fairly often- truly only need a freckle size IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereyes $24 mixed up with moisturizer for sheerer coverage.
left to right- well used-Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer Duo (handy mirror compact), Clé de Peau Powder and a smashed several times Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder -mirror compact too. Sponge applicator comes with it-but we like using a foundation brush…for contouring.

Separate foundations-akin to fancy and casual wardrobe options-seem to fit. The black tie go to was the Cle de Peau Cream Foundation-but we finished that -(over a 3 year period-seemed fine to us)…so the latest luxury brand splurge= YSL Teint Majure $99-that is truly amazing.

For everyday-  TruBlend by CoverGirl (about $9.55) and ELF Flawless Finish Foundation $6--- both last all day, don't change colors- or disappear. One of the reasons, we figure-besides feel- for costlier foundations-is than the anti-aging, radical fighting, vitamin loaded (etc) ingredients in them are more pricey. However-we leave that job to the serum applied, first…and strictly use the aforementioned for make-up make-up purposes, not cosmeceutical benefits. (Though that's good too!).

In various gym bags (yup-a few-activity driven)- solid foundations rule cause they're easier to haul around and survive bounced about,  public transportation.

New to the market-and already on steady rotation -the soft cream to powder build-able coverage (and awesome packaging-wow)-of Antonym™'s  EcoCert Organic Baked Foundation $36 (a different standard than USDA organic, fyi,). The texture works for oily and normal skin. In our swim bag though-is the long lasting Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Compact Foundation-on sale now-$15-that goes over dried out from chlorine skin really well. In a country spot -weekend casual rules-and Physicians Formula Talc-Free Mineral Wear™ Loose Powder SPF 30 $13.95---takes about 15 seconds to swipe all over in a circular motion-using the brush provided-for light coverage.

Blush does not figure prominently with naturally high chipmunk cheeks. But for go out at night-time, times-  a contouring darker shade of powder gets deployed- applied with a big fluffy or foundation brush in the usual spots----either the Smashbox-Photo Set Pressed Powder, or  for a hint of sparkle-a Cle de Peau powder-that's no longer available but a close replacer is the Luminizing Face Enhancer,

In our pre-packed travel kits-- and a great gift…the multi-tasker Votre Vu's Love Me Deux (around $30)…concealer tint duo --- has a top with a mirror and the concealer - that offers great coverage in a texture that smooths out well on its own, and then a sheer gel-like tint in the lower part ---that gets patted on (just a dab)...under foundation-for a subtle glow.

Time wise-even with the aforementioned rather lengthy list of stuff used (Part 1 too)…the whole makeup face thing plus prior applied sunscreen/serum, drying/soak in times- etc-clocks in at around 4 minutes- tops.

One of our 20 something nieces swears by her Mia ( $125) Clarisonic cleansing brush- so we coughed up the $ to try for ourselves though we got a model- that included several different types of brush heads.
IMO-our sensitive skin could only use the Sensitive skin brush head (there's a Gentle one too- we have not tried)-on the lowest setting. It's a bit of a process as one has to rinse separately-the face and the brush head, afterwards.
But even with a brief 30 second all around usage…our skin def. felt cleaner. There is something to that sonic stuff. We defer to their website for the 411 on why.

Under eye roller balls/mini massage things are proliferating claiming to push helpful ingredients deeper into the dermis. Can't say whether this is so beneficial-or true... but we do use the extremely portable -Rich Ion Wrinkle Care Massager $60 from a South Korean company-we found at an HBA tradeshow. No on/off switch- its automatic-with a self adjusting vibrating metal head that wipes clean, and works on 1 AAA battery. Love it in fact…and having dropped ours a few times now…so also appreciate how durably made it is.

For general facial cleansing-using our hands/ wash cloth method or the Clarisionic brush--- foam/liquid cleansers (vs soap bars)--- are choice---for the texture, the feel---and controllable dosages.

 Dr. Few's LF Cleanser/J F Aesthetic foam cleanser $49---that is lasting us 6 months+ ---and the super handy pump bottle of  the sulfate/petroleum/paraben free Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup remover $7.49- are the two brands going the fastest-clean without drying, and don't irritate a bit.

Bodywash gels that are sulfate/paraben free= a must. New to the USA-Bali based Juara-has moisturizing candelnut oil onboard- that we guess is why our skin feels so nice after using!!!! The big 12 oz plastic bottle cleanser ( $28), and Vitabath's $7.95 SpaDay Green Tea&Sage-are both two of the few scented cleansers tolerated and fyi, don't really leave any odor on eventually non-drip skin. A plus.

Moisturizing masks in our gym/travel bags are applied right before the shower and steamed in a bit. Top choices- Sampar Paris So Much To Dew Masque-with it's handy brush applicator- and Origins Drink Up $24. At home before a soak in epsom salts  =the astringent liquid Susan Ciminelli Seawater $55 gets sprayed  on. All skincare products from this line, btw-for the USA= were waaay ahead of time in recognizing the healing benefits of sea derived ingredients… that's been SOP in Europe/Asia for centuries.

More than anything else-hair products finish up fast…with all that working out and in hotter temps-grubbiness that needs to vanish- after a day -or night -on the town--- that have us turning those faucets ON.

We have read like everywhere-not to wash hair everyday. IMO- not gonna happen in a sweat inducing, exercise lifestyle---or chlorine pool or natural open water swimming lifestyle-too-  even with a cap on. That's like not washing our face or hands with a cleanser afterwards--just settling for  splashes of water.

NO SURPRISE- our major love brands are smallish, family/privately owned labels. Getting the gold medal-Lenore Greyl ANYTHING really,  but particularly the Huile de Palme $52 a shake it first- Pre-Shampoo Palm Oil-that maybe a quarter size works for long hair-under our swim cap before a watery workout-followed by generous slaps of Masque Fleur de Jasmin ($68) that --- with our face mask on-we let steam in, pre-shower.

Also beloved--- JF Lazartigue's Shea Butter Shampoo $39, and from Brazil-the recently launched,  Überliss Hydrating Conditioner $26 (tough to find but available online)- where only one squeeze of the bottle-maybe 2 quarter sizes needed for our long thick hair- with this ultra rich formula that is good for color and keratin straightened locks. FYI-lots of compliments given - on how our hair smelled when the aromatic Intelligent Nutrients Pureluxe Shampoo was the shampoo of choice.

Drip dry tresses is our usual fuss free 'do-even in freezing cold weather-but Mizani's Supreme Hair Oil treatment ($26) or The Body Shop's Moringua Beautifying Oil (about $8.40) get mixed with Tela Beauty Organics Healer Conditioner $36 (about generous quarter size each)…and applied to blotted towel dried hair to banish frizz/flyaways.