Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HBA Tradeshow -Emerging Skincare Collections


HBA Global Expo+Conference Part 2

Beauty products and at home gadgets also shared a bit of the exhibit floor the recent HBA Global Expo...a show that engages those in the biz with aisles of options that visually demonstrated the impact of packaging on retail sales.


Aria Pro-"powerful yet gentle cleaning"-with three speeds, different brush head...task specific-and waterproof. Also pictured the one speed, one button, one minute pink Mia 2™-cleansing in a compact size good for travel or gym bags, and on right the Clarisonic Infusion-Opal-w/ 7,500 micro massages per minute-delivers serums into outer layers of dermis 

Clarisonic-offers sonic cleansing brushes/and handles to match- that users swear by...with studies that claim 6x better cleansing than hands alone and 61% greater absorption of anti-ager vitamin c after use. Makes sense is there isn't a coat of grime between the skin and what gets put on in better skin cleansing results in products that are better absorbed.

South Korean as country offers a range of companies dedicated to advanced skin and body care...and the stateside Banzai Living-sells an eclectic assortment of skincare/beauty items and innovative gadgets from that part of the planet.

At this show-this Doctor Life Compression Therapy completely revived our right leg (the demo side) with a compressive squeezing/massaging motion (adjustable the pressure amount) that reminded us of the NormaTec Recovery system (leg sleeves) we experienced after a National Triathlon competition-so we were BIG believers to begin with, fyi.
zips up the front of leg with foot inside...straps on top

control unit...different types of motions and pressure levels...timed options too.

Rich Ion Massager-reminded us of the aforementioned Clarisonic---on a small scale-it operates on 1 AAA battery and only works when touching skin. Nice vibrating feel that allows eye creme to penetrate the skin better. Stops when serum/creme fully absorbed. Very cool. We have one and love it.

Nano Misty-portable mini steamer-easy to use-just fill with distilled water for fine moisturizing mist

There was also a SPLASH section featuring emerging beauty products from several countries.

We recognized SAMPAR skincare collections ("Smart Skin in the City")-with its distinct black Parisian skyline on pink jars/ we've wrote about a few years ago ---when the collection was at a press event we attended.

Founded by Patrick Sounigo for city gals who are assaulted by the not so great for the dermis urban environment---pollution, stress, no sleep---that wreck havoc on the natural healing functions of skin...

With over 20 years experience in the plant based phyto-aromatics industry in France, Sounigo used his collective know-how to conjure up this rather extensive collections of  serums, cleansers, treatments and moisturizers aimed at various skin ailments like City of Light (clarifying and illuminating skincare solutions),  Age Antidote (anti-aging solutions) and Pure Perfection (blemish-prone skin solutions) addition to Essentials for basic daily care...and Cosmakeup-tinted treatment products.

Most Sampar products contain its Urban Advance Complex-a unique mix-up of shea butter serum, mint endorphin and probiotic sugar which "acts as an anti-oxidant shield" and is a wake-up call, cellular wise-to natural healing.

We have tried several of the we had fond memories of the Daily Dosa Foaming Cleanser.

Specifically-after pool swim sessions-we've layered on the So Much to Dew Midnight Mask ---and left it on to soak in--- for about 15 minutes---while we steamed out the chlorine. Our facial skin-once it was rinsed off---was notably hydrated...meaning plumpish-not greasy-via the water retaining Hyaluronic Acid---a buzzed about ingredient---

Afterwards our face was ready for foundation without the need for a primer.

IMO-good for all skin types.

Theoretically one should apply before bedtime and sleep with the mask on-as per directions---

We also like the neat applicator/packaging (appropriately enough)...twist the cap -it clicks into the 'ON' or 'OFF' position---squeeze the tube ---and the gel like mask easy easy to apply. No mess, brush cleans easy- and unlike a somewhat similar brush foundation set-up we have that squirted all over, the 'OFF' position means no accidentally leakage---good for travel or gym bags too.

arrow or closed
There's also a white creamy, easily absorbed Lavish Dream Cream-with moisturizing jojoba oil, wrinkle minimizer biopeptides, hydrating shea butter, skin elasticity improving walnut, and the Urban Advance Complex (see above).

 Ideal for aged-dry skin year round-and normal skin in dry, less humid climates... the we guess Sampar's other products-has packaging that's great...just press down lightly on the attached lid (one piece unit)...and a small amount pops up through the center hole. We don't know how this works as the container empties out...if one can access 100% of the contents...not there yet...

PLUS: A line dubbed Winsome Body= firming/toning treatments.

We found SAMPAR available online in the USA including on

Joyful Bath Co. has a a groovy kind of love for bath products---so fun and naturally, wonderful graphics on the labels. We remember the company from Natural Expo East trade show where their exhibit was a huge home grown country store---

IMO-great hostess gifts. An example-is the $20 set of handmade Botanical Soaps ---all made via the old fashioned cold process-with organic extra virgin olive oil with organic coconut and palm oils mixed with honey, buttermilk, ginger root, green tea, mustard seed, oats, coconut milk and essential oils. No synthetic fragrances or sodium lauryl sulfate. 

The Bath Salts are a mix of Mediterranean and Dead Sea Salts, essential oils---and natural antiseptic honey, gently moisturizing buttermilk, stimulating ginger root, green tea-loaded with anti-oxidants, purifying mustard seed, soothing oats... nice. And those too come in want it gift sets...

AYRES Beauty is a incredibly well thought out brand of grooming products (plus home --- candles)...

Soy Candles with essential oils-calming or energizing

Recently launched by Argentinian born-founder/Prez Alejandro Rasic --this aromatic collection has a packaging design that is based on the fishnet stockings worn by of female Tango dancers. Fitting as the entire line is inspired by Buenos Aires, (Ayres in Spanish) Argentina---and its fab tango bars...

With an extensive 18 year long career in cosmetics and fragrances with prestige/luxury brands like Estee Lauder, Kenzo and Givenchy  Parfums, Rasic has the knowledge of how to launch a brand from A-Z. He meticulously captures the spirit of his muse---with this fragrant assortment of soaps and lotions---and treatment worthy moisturizers. 

Pattern is of fishnet stockings worn by of female Tango dancers-and how they naturally widen and narrow depending what part of the leg is covered or moving. So clever.
We sniffed away and loved the transporting scents-all 100% essential oils are used.
Three lines are currently available for body/skincare-Midnight Tango (vanilla, orange blossom, ylang ylang essence-warm passionate nighttime fragrance), Pampas Sunrise (inspired by the vast ranches/green farms/grasslands-with awakening lemongrass, lemon blossom, bergamot, patchouli, spearmint and lime) and Patagonia-the nirvana locale of hiking/climbing/rafting in the Andes Mountains (jasmine, lavender, herbs-rosemary-fresh/scent).

Our try-the body butters in all three lines---are all highly recommended. Soothing our dried out hands/elbows-the rich texture goes on easily---and absorbs fast-leaving a slight scent---AND better yet...completely moisturized skin--that lasted all day.

Impressively-even the magnificent advertising campaign was photographed at three locales in the city of its inspiration.

Made in the USA but with a "Latin touch to the beauty world." We think this collection will do extremely well.

Talk about GENIUS...this TouchBack® marker ($29.95)-that delivers liquid hair color-that won't rub off once applied... via a soft-tip applicator ---actually covers up all kinds of gray roots. The brainchild of the former L'Oreal USA and Vogue employee, Joan Lasker-as is the entire Colormetrics Brands product line...

patented Fiber Flow™ applicator easily deposits temporary hair color to gray roots...blending seamlessly-dries in a minute-won't flake off-but washes out. (50-60+ applications)
Eight assorted colors are available for a perfect match...and the patented formula---has no ammonia or do any of the products actually. There is even a separate TouchBack Brow Marker in four colors-that complements the hair version.

From the same company-there are other extender coloring hair goodies---a leave in conditioner, regular color conditioner, a color shampoo, and pictured below---Micro Foam™ for even coverage where needed...that really deposits (temporarily) hair color...
No surprise when the talented smart Lasker told us she is worker harder than ever---and joked that her chemist was the key to her success!

VALCENA---is ALL roses, roses, roses...!!!!

Concentrated natural oils inside---this multiple step skincare line from Paris, France features the rose essence of it must be gazillions of hand picked Hidden Valley flowers---with the natural petal oils refined into cleansers, a lovely refreshing Eau Fraiche De Rose water spray...serums, masks and cremes for anti-aging and restorative purposes---

and a face mask--that is in tablet form---when 'activated' with the Eau Fraiche De Rose water---becomes a moisturizing and relaxing face mask.

Maximum Activated Dermaceuticals (M.A.D.) skincare collection is jam packed with a whole assortment of active anti-aging-moisturizing-hydrating-wrinkle reducing- ingredients (think botanicals, natural and outta a laboratory- anti-oxidant vitamins green/white/red teas, stem cells from fruit/flowers, peptides)---the list is quite extensive.

Lotions, toners, creams, serums, masks, and sunscreens---the lines are made manageable for different skin types and needs-delicate, brightening, acne treatment, environmental-anti-aging...

There is a ton of science at work here---and no doubt-these formulations pack a powerful punch. We chatted with an executive of the company---who told us the personnel at work here are all seasoned industry vets...

Just launching...and available on-

From Toronto, Canada---Mensgroom is a well packaged-not complicated guy's kind of skin/body care line that the men we know would be comfortable buying---and at mass merch prices too.

IN FACT the company slogan "simple products for simple" LOL.

Six products in all-we tried The Daily Washout 2-in1 Shampoo and Conditioner ($8.99-8.5 fl.oz)-with barley protein to strengthen hair, zinc PCA for scalp cleanliness and Pro-Vitamin B5 for moisturization. Lightly scented-with eucalyptus in the mix--the sudsy liquid--- left our hair clean not stripped-so good for daily use. Still, since we have super long hair---we ended spraying in leave-in conditioner...but for guys with regular ole' short hair---this product should be all they need.

BONUS POINTS bottles are made from post-consumer resin (PCR) and are recyclable too. Labels and formulations are 100% biodegradable, free of chemicals and toxins (that USDA Organic label actually means A LOT...and cruelty free.

We didn't get to the certified USDA organic (impressive) Balanced Guru set-up till after the tradeshow floor had closed---but we got in a few minutes with the founders.

This company retails a complete line of hair, body and skincare...

Founded on the principles of "ancient eastern wisdom and modern scientific research" the Balanced Guru philosophy embraces well-being via aromatherapy's holistic healing powers. We are believers in how scent can affect the brain-emotionally and of course-the mind/body thing goes together. 

The sample we tried---the Tone It Lightly toner- was sprayed on a cotton ball and swiped over our face for complete offness of dirt. The aroma is  divine--- tea tree, thyme, lemon verbena and witch hazel---serves to clean the last traces of grime- without drying...while arnica and nettle calms the skin. New---we wouldn't be surprised if natural food stores and chains start stocking up...meanwhile the site is set-up for e-commerce.