Sunday, April 22, 2012

NEW: Collagen Conditioning Formula and Salon Treatment by Roy Teeluck

Concentré de Collagène Serum Available for Home Use- "Plumps" Hair

5 East 57th Street, NYC

Living in NYC, we knew a lot of people that work on their heads, literally and figuratively.

And we were thinking about that as we received an absolutely transporting, in a good way, scalp treatment/massage ($45) at the busy- but refreshingly calm- Roy Teeluck's midtown salon (our opening review).

Not that we needed a bribe exactly, ha ha...but when we received the press release on Concentré de Collagène, a serum that comes in a bottle with an eye dropper mechanism...that easily enough, with a few drops on fingers/palm-is massaged and quickly absorbed into one's scalp, recommended about 5x a week...after towel drying one's washed locks.

Intrigue struck...because yes, as firm believers in the maxim " are what you eat..." (as in the cult fav hair builder Viviscal- our review) and also knowing that about (at least) 80% of anything applied to the skin is absorbed by the body, hence the effectiveness of things like skin patches...

The concept sounded scientifically sound--- with the benefit of not having to ingest anything...a treatment that goes to the source of the problem.

What we found----the Concentré de Collagène Serum -beneficial for men and women ...was developed with salon owner, hair stylist par excellence, Roy Teeluck-and a scientist at Caltech Institute...when working on other hair products.

Collagen is known as a building block for skin and hair-as its a "naturally occurring protein in the flesh and connective tissues of mammals" (as Wikipedia puts it). And as we age, collagen production decreases---and on our heads...that can lead to thinning hair, hair loss and breaking, itchy scalps, etc...none of which are attractive traits.

"We know that it (collagen) is a very large molecule that had to be broken down in order to be able to penetrate the skin...till now, collagen was injected," Teeluck replied via email, to our query of just how effective the collagen could be in penetrating the upper layers of the really make a difference.

Active ingredients in the proprietary serum include Type 1 collagen derived from codfish, placental protein, and citric acid...that is a natural preservative, fyi.

What Concentré de Collagène Serum does is "...promote an enriched environment for your hair to maintain its optimal health..."via a healthier scalp.

Meaning, thicker, shinier locks and more volume...which are attractive traits.

Our treatment began with a little tutorial...then a fantastic application of the serum to our scalp followed by a tension releasing massage that we could get used to....a washout- and then a hair blow-out by a stylist (extra cost) that had our shiny hair looking movie star flawless...something that of course, we cannot do.

What we can do-is take certain supplements-the benefits of which usually take a few weeks to notice...and we figure this might be the story here too.

Since each bottle of the Concentré de Collagène Serum lasts at least- several weeks (4-6)...for a minor investment of $55, we think this is not a lot of risk for a benefit that frankly, women pay a whole lot more to achieve, namely, healthy, thick hair.

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-J. Ecochard