Sunday, April 22, 2012

EARTH DAY SPECIALS Limited Edition Fragrances by the Body Shop

Almost in time for Earth Day, the worldwide available- Body Shop fragrances, are adding a few aromatic selections for the summer...set to debut next week.

ECO BONUS: We really admire how the company makes use of organic ingredients sourced through Community Fair Trade policies...including all of the summer scents---containing 50% Community Fair Trade organic alcohol from Equador. And FCS sourced wood packaging too that of course, is recyclable.


Love Etc...Sun Kiss EDT $25, Love Etc...Sun Kiss Body Purée $16.50
with notes of bergamot, nectarine, neroli jasmine, sandalwood, and amber

Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh EDT $25...Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh Body Purée $16.50
with notes of  mandarin, watermelon, orris, and salty aquatic hits

White Musk Sun Glow EDT $25...White Musk Sun Glow Body Puré $16.50
with notes of lemon, peony, sandalwood,  and musk

What else is terrific is how each scents actually smells-authentically fresh, not a chemical brew. No wonder, each fresh fragrance is developed in cahoots with International Flavors and Fragrances, world leaders in fragrance since 1833...

...with renowned noses Dominique Ropion (Pure Poison, Christian Dior, Alien-Thierry Mugler and L'Homme YSL) for Love Etc...™Sun Kiss, 

...Loc Dong (Versace-Versce, EuphoriaCalvin Klein, Be Delicious-Donna Karan, and Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs) for Dreams Unlimited™ Sun Fresh,  

and Domitille Bertier (Lavendar Flower Water -Chloé, Boss in Motion-Hugo Boss, Hot Water- Davidoff, and mega seller Flowerbomb-Viktor & Rolf) for White Musk® Sun Glow.

All the guiding lights. (Or Sniffs).

IMO-the White Musk has exotic/elegant evenings written all over---a tad more floral with bit of spicey-complex ----while the other two are all day time fragrances (our fav-Dreams Unlimited-fresh and fun). 

All three had staying power.

 The Body Purées are all of nice texture-sank right into skin leaving just enough scent...that lasted a few hours on us. Bonus- they were moisturizing too.


-J. Ecochard